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Saving Minutes, Spending Hours

As the sun sets over another weekend, I look back on the last 48 hours and wonder where the time has gone. Sure, I’ve been spending a bit of it on work that I didn’t have time to accomplish at the office, and additional time getting healthy and lounging around in my boyfriend’s arms finishing off the second season of Mad Men and the latest episode of Dexter. Still, I’d like to feel like my weekend was filled with all the excitement that working 60 hours a week pays for, and it just never is.

By the time the weekend roles around, I’m exhausted and haven’t gotten through 50% of the projects that need to be finished for the week. That has to change. For the next five weeks, I’m going to focus on closely examining where my time is going, in order to be more productive and ultimately have time that I feel I’ve earned to not just relax, but to live life. Continue reading Saving Minutes, Spending Hours