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Updated PF Reader

In addition to redesigning my site, I’ve taken some time to update the Personal Finance Reader.

For those of you who haven’t checked out my PF Reader before – it’s basically a feed of the top personal finance blogs on the web. I admit, it used to be kind of crappy, but with the update it looks much better. It’s basically my Google Reader feed of all the PF blogs I track. If I’m missing your blog and you think it’s good enough to be on it, let me know and I’ll gladly add it.

Check out the Updated PF Reader here. In the future you can get to it by clicking on the “PF Blogs” tab on the top of this page.

PF Roll

Eeks, I haven’t written a PF Blogroll in ages. It’s time for a roundup of the chatter going on out there in the personal finance blogosphere…

Give Me Back My Five Bucks (krystal at work) set some monthly goals for herself. She wants to “gain full-time employment,” submit some reimbursement paperwork, and “curb any unnecessary spending.” Last month, apparently, was a no-go on the full-time employment search. Let’s all wish good luck to her on her job search quest this month, as job-searching can be daunting, and encouragement always helps. 🙂

Queercents has a great post on how to get the best return on charitable giving. This morning, Bill filled his readers in on charity rating organizations, and how to make sure that your contributions are being well spent. CNN Money also has a good post on this topic.

Get Rich Slowly (J.D.) somehow turned down the opportunity to buy a used Mini Cooper to replace her Ford Focus. Why? Because she realized it’s more important to be debt-free than have a dream car. Besides, there’s always next year.

How I Save Money.net (LuLuGal) fills us in on how to buy glasses for the cheap online. I’ve never bought glasses online because I’ve yet to find myself trusting online retailers enough, but LuLuGal’s story of savings almost entices me to seek out my next pair of frames in the mall called cyberspace. She spent $75 on a pair on glasses that, if she purchased the frames in real life (ie, not online) would have cost her a whopping $400-$500. Congrats on the savings, LuLu.

Blogging Away Debt (Tricia) informs us that her net worth is up 6.91%, standing at -$36,384. Let’s all encourage Tricia to keep on saving this month each month to help her on her way to debt-freedom.

An English Major’s Money wins frugal foodie of the week with her recipe for “Lentils with Chorizo.” I won’t be trying this out since I don’t eat meat, but for those of you who are meat eaters, the recipe sounds like it might be tasty, and it’s certainly cheap due to ample use of lentils.

PF Roll

(If you write or know of an interesting PF blog please post a link to that blog in my comments. This way I’ll make sure to add that blog to list of feeds I read to compile my daily PF NewsBlog Roll list)

Here’s what going on in the PF blogosphere today…

The Basics: Jim, over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, gives a quick lesson for the Personal Finance Novice on how to save money. The advice is rather rudimentary, but for folks like me who understand the concept of saving, but never actually do it, it’s nice to have a reminder on the simple fact that in order to save one must spend less than they earn each month.

Home Shopping: GiveMeBackMyFiveBucks is on the market for some property. She’s decided on a mortgage broker and seems to be well underway in her permanent housing search. I can’t even imagine being able to afford buying property anytime soon, but it’s nice to read about what other folks go through to purchase their own place… as one day down the road I’d like to be able to afford a condo or a house.

Speak Up and Save: Mint’s always-informative PF blog has a great post on “Three Ways to Ask for More Money,” which should really be called “Speak Up and Save.” The Mint team recommends that asking for things like a lower credit card interest rate can end up saving you a lot of money in the long term. They also recommend calling up your cable company and asking for a discount. I just wonder if all the effort is really worth it. Calling up these companies is often so stressful that I need to spend a gazillion dollars on a therapist, or at least a whole lotta chocolate, to deal. I like Mint’s little self-promotion at the end of the post, which says that when the site goes live, it will be able to find money-saving things for its users, like the best local cable rate. Cool!

The Weekend Entreprenuer: Over on Queercents, Adam writes about his recent conversation with Michelle Anton, co-author of the book Weekend Entrepreneur: 101 Great ways to Earn Extra Cash. Sounds like a good read. I’ve figured out maybe 2 ways to earn some extra cash, so the book must have 99 more. Michelle and Adam talked about figuring out a way to balance extra work and play on the weekends in order to have a financially productive and quality lifestyle.

EBay Shopping Deals: Get Rich Slowly recently posted about a friend who is a obsessed with finding deals on eBay. She’s an eBay feen, tracking her searches for cute cocktail dresses and craft ideas in an excel sheet and using various online tools to make it easier to win auctions. The way I see it, eBay is just as bad as taking a trip to Marshalls, Ross, Filenes Basement or any other discount store. I was obsessed with eBay for a short time in my life. I’d buy things for “cheap” and spend a shitload in shipping. Or I’d just buy a lot of cheap things that I didn’t need and spend a lot. Perhaps some people are better at controlling themselves when it comes to shopping.

PF Roll

Stocks are sucking right now. The New York Times reports that a “jittery” stock market keeps on dropping as the mortgage market finds out just how screwed it is. I don’t know a thing about the mortgage market, but I do know that I’m still missing $300 from my mutual fund investments. Apparently swinging stocks, seen most blatantly on the Dow Jones industrial average, which was both up 1% and down 1% in the same day, is pretty rare. The last time that has happened was in 2003!

Mint.com’s “Train Wreck Tuesday” features a blog by an anonymous Air Force officer who decided to fight for our nation in order to pay off his debt. Now he’s deployed in Iraq, and he’s blogging about his “Journey to Financial Freedom” while on duty. His latest post? “Aug 1: Finding a Good Bank,” which gives a rave review of USAA Federal Savings Bank. Won’t do me any good, since the bank is for military members and their families only.

Congrats to “An English Major’s Money” for getting through the GRE. Hopefully it was worth the $140 test-taking fee. Her latest full-length post–”Freelance Income Follow-Up,” discusses the outcome of an earlier post of figuring out how to withhold taxes on her freelance earnings.

StopBuyingCrap’s blogger “Cap” “lists 4 ways he lives frugally.What’s #1? “I look ugly,” he says. “Fugly.”

Over at Adventure’s in Money Making, a blogger discusses how a 30-something couple managed to be debt free, and wonders if being “debt-free,” without property or retirement savings, is worth it.

BostonGal’sOpenWallet picks up a CNN.com story about the growing trend in front-lawn gardening (pardon the pun). Apparently there are a bunch of people who are growing food in their front yards. Some are even saving up to $300 a year on groceries. But it’d be a shame to no longer have an excuse to visit the supermarket produce aisle, wouldn’t it?