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Considering Liposuction

Ok, before the personal finance sphere has a fiscal conniption, let me remind you that not all personal finance bloggers are frugalistas. At 30, I’ve saved up nearly $250k, and that’s with occasional bursts of poor or otherwise non-rational financial decision making.

I don’t usually spend a lot of money on things, except designer jeans. I bought my car used with cash, and while it’s nice enough it’s no BMW. I live with two roommates and spend $650 a month on rent when I could easily spend $1500 or more on a 1br, which most people my age making my salary ($110k) would. So I don’t really spend a lot all things considered.

When I look back on what I have spent on in my life, one of the biggest expenditures outside of my car and computer has been laser hair removal. With PCOS, my hairy beast-like nature was hurting my quality of life. It was really bad. I shaved constantly and always had dark, five o’clock shadows everywhere. The hair made a total mess in my bathroom. It was just gross. So I splurged on $5000 for unlimited laser hair removal. Eventually (recently) the place sold and I no longer have unlimited sessions, but I definitely got my monies worth. My life has improved significantly. I still have some hairs here and there, but nothing like what I had in the past. My relationship is better. Everything is better. Best $5000 I’ve ever spent. Continue reading Considering Liposuction