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Honesty is a Good Thing…

I was checking my bank account this week when I noticed a good chunk of extra income from my last employer. While it was tempting to not notify them about this accidental bonus, I knew it was the right thing to do. Besides, they’d probably figure it out eventually and then it would be a bigger mess than it’s worth. I admit, I was hoping they’d tell me to just keep it and thanks for being honest (it’s not like I asked for the extra funds, they just appeared in my account, heh) but I figured they’d want their money back. And rightly so. Oh well, I was kind of excited to think maybe somehow my severance hadn’t been paid in full and I was owed more money, but my bank account will say so-long to the extra half-month’s income. Luckily I’m doing fine this month, even without my unemployment checks (I have not figured out how to get my unemployment checks so I’ve kind of given up at that since I have a new job starting Mon and figure California needs the money more than I do right about now.)

Back to the Start: I got laid off.

After two-and-a-half years at one company, my tenure comes to an end. My boss met with me this morning and told me that due to restructuring, I have to be let go. I pretty much expected that and was surprised I lasted so long. What I didn’t expect was how nice he was in terminating my employment… and how bad he felt about it. Which didn’t really make me feel “good,” but it was nice to know that I am leaving on the best possible terms.

So much for my grand plan to save $20,000 this year. I’ll be lucky if I can break even. More importantly, I need to figure out what on earth to do next. I’ve got some serious thinking to do. Lucky me, I have all the me time in the world to think about it. I’d really like to not just jump into anything… and that may be tempting… so hopefully I can land on my feet in the end, and soon.

In the meantime I’m getting one month’s severance (definitely didn’t expect that), two month’s health insurance, and most importantly of all, positive references for the future. I can get through this, I just want to make the right choice for the coming months and years… and I have no idea (yet) what that will be.