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Time for Creativity. Time for Pause. Time for Solitude.

One of my great regrets of all time, that is all time leading up to today, is my lack of proper time dedicated to reading. While I’ve wasted countless hours of my life transfixed in Jezebel articles, Facebook posts about hilarious dogs and babies being successful or unsuccessful babies, and magazine articles sunk into overflowing bathtubs with their wet pages stuck together before completion, the number of full-fledged novels I’ve read in my life – is something I regrettably can count on my own two hands.

Yet language and writing has always been a passion of mine, more than the drawing and painting my parents had pushed my talents towards. While as a child I stayed up late at night to read trashy childhood series such as Sweet Valley Twins and The Babysitters Club: Little Sister editions, I refused to read actual serious books. Why? I’m not sure where my rebellion of all things “adult” and “responsible” came from, but it sure started early. My father, with his stern aggression and judgement around my own interests, made me hate authority and turn against it at all costs. Although my father was a man of physics textbooks and oft right-wing historical non-fiction and editorials, for some reason literature got mixed up into the world of authority, my arch nemesis, the land of academia and maturity, of all the things we should do with our time when we have it in between hours staring at the second hand of the clock hung above the school door and the darkness that is our daily rest.

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My Book Deal — It’s Really Happening!

My life goals have never been all that realistic — perform on Broadway and win a Tony, start my own billion dollar company, be the next Warren Buffet, write a book before I’m 30…

Well, I’m certainly not going to belting out Anything Goes as Sutton Foster’s understudy anytime in the near future. But I am going to be writing a book! This is completely freaking me out — me, write a book? Like a real, published-on-paper book? Yes, after nearly a half year of proposals, with a revised table of contents finally getting sign off, I’ll be a published author, before I’m 30. Of course, first I need to actually write the book.

I wouldn’t have thought of pursuing writing a book, but the opportunity came knocking on my door (ok, it came into my inbox.) An acquisitions editor reached out to me per a recommendation from a very respected person in business who I’ve never met. Apparently he had heard of me and made the initial recommendation. One thing led to another, and here I am, with a contract for a book deal in hand, and just a whole bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo to agree to, signing my life way for the next six months to write a real, legit book. Continue reading My Book Deal — It’s Really Happening!