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  1. You have a pretty broad portfolio with so many accounts and ETF’s, stocks, and funds. One of the most diverse I have seen. One question, why invest in some companies that pay no dividends and some, FTR in particular, pays way too much. The payout ratio of that stock is over 200%. Clearly an unsustainable yield. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s probably too diverse. I started investing more heavily in companies that pay dividends in the last 3 years or so, but haven’t sold off growth companies and like having the mix to learn what performs better. Apple paid no dividends but I started buying at $120 or so, and it has gone up quite a bit (I wish I bought more, but oh well.) In the long run it seems the road to wealth is dividends (I love the concept of dividends paying enough to live off of each month!)

      re: FTR that actually was an odd case — I received .4 shares off a split from Verizon and it would cost $8 to sell them (more than they that fraction of a share was worth) and it was driving me nuts seeing it in my portfolio. So I invested a sizable chunk into it on a $1 auto trade at sharebuilder (it appears that program has disappeared) — figuring if the stock went up I could sell it for $8 at a profit and if it went down I could take the loss, but I wouldn’t pay the $8 to sell $4 worth of shares. 🙂 I’m a little OCD.

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