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What Happened to Her Every Cent Counts?

Hello World! I’m back. I wasn’t actually gone to begin with – but I had a minor fiasco with my hosting provider that was partially my fault but turned into a bigger train wreck of a situation than it needed to be.

Last month I realized my credit card was lost/misplaced/stolen, so I called Amex to report it missing. At the same time, I noticed a very weird charge on my account for $372 — given my credit card had been missing and I didn’t recognize the merchant, I thought the card had been stolen and said I did not make the charge. Continue reading What Happened to Her Every Cent Counts?

Networth IQ Series: How Did You Save?

Since 2007 in addition to keeping a personal finance-ish blog, I’ve also obsessively updated my networth on the NetworthIQ site¬†(my profile here). While the site itself hasn’t been updated in years, what it does have is a very interesting community of people who track their networth on a monthly basis. While there are some outliers of people who seem to like to pretend to have millions of dollars when they clearly do not, most of the profiles are legit, and some are very impressive. This led me to wondering – who are the people behind NetworthIQ, and how did they save their money? The great news is that everyone has been so wonderful about sharing their stories when I reached out.

To kick off the series, I interview¬†Jonathan, a 31 year old in Arizona with no formal education who has amassed $943k in networth as of October 2013. This year, he is set to gross over $350k per year. What does Jon do for a living, you ask? He’s a programmer, which explains the sky-high salary. But he’s also a self-made man. And he’s expecting his first child with his wife this January, so we’ll have to check back in with him once he’s buying diapers. That said, having nearly a million in networth at 31 is nothing to shake a stick at. So, other than being an engineer, how did Jon do it, and what advice does he have for the rest of us? Continue reading Networth IQ Series: How Did You Save?

I’m Going to the Personal Finance Blogger Conference!

Since 2006, I’ve been following the personal finance blogger space. I started blogging in 2007 after reading a post on An English Major’s Money (which she sadly stopped writing) on (And now I’m going to the first-ever Financial Blogger Conference! But more on that in a bit…)

Over the years, I’ve written on and off, and followed the financial tales of bloggers like Fabulously Broke in the City, Give Me Back My Five Bucks, My Open Wallet, Lazy Man and Money, and dozens of others (sorry it’s hard to name everyone I’ve been reading… if you want to know if I’ve been reading your blog, check if you’re on my Personal Finance Reader.) It’s quite exciting to know that many of them will be attending the conference. It really is a small family of bloggers that write in this space, and I can’t wait to meet them!

I always thought it would be extremely cool to get all of the personal finance bloggers together in one city, one building, to meet, mingle, and share our love for PF. Basically, to geek out about blogging and personal finance in a way that most of us can’t do with our close friends. Continue reading I’m Going to the Personal Finance Blogger Conference!