Is a $3M 2022 Possible?

Anyone who follows my blog knows that my FIRE numbers are somewhat arbitrary. Yet I know that if we have $5M we can probably take out $200k in perpetuity and be able to live on our savings, give or take. $10M and $400k a year forever. Sounds nice. Sounds like FREEDOM. It also seems quite impossible. But less impossible after a few really solid years of net worth growth. I made a lot of dumb financial decisions which limited the growth, but still it’s crazy thinking we went from $600k to $2.5M in net worth in just 4 years. It makes that $5M and $10M goal seem – well, possible.

The year isn’t over yet — one more day of market ups and downs — but I think it’s fair to say we’re wrapping up around $2.5M:

  • $20k cash
  • $870k stocks
  • $35k bonds
  • $638k – IRA/401k
  • $152k – Roth
  • $445k – home equity
  • $293k – 529


$2.4M, give or take


So we have $600k to $3M.

While we increased our net worth by $600k this year, it’s highly unlikely that will happen again next year as I no longer have a lot of company stock to vest.

Here’s how it COULD happen…

planned addition…

  • $20k cash
  • $870k stocks + $50k = $920k
  • $35k bonds + $10k = $40k
  • $638k – IRA/401k + 4k +19.5k = $661
  • $152k – Roth + $60k = $212k
  • $445k – home equity
  • $293 – 529

    3% growth average
    = 2.65M

Well… that’s not $3M. Probably not going to get to $3M next year. Even average 10% growth would be “just” $2.8M.

So… never mind that $3M goal. I’m going to make goal for 2022 $2.75M net worth.

I’m probably going to change jobs next year anyway so who knows how much we’ll really be able to add. There are a lot of house projects we need to take on as well. AND my sister is getting married. I have another wedding to go to, a bit of travel back and forth across the country to help my mom prepare her house for sale, and a few late gifts I need to send out for weddings I didn’t attend this year.

$3M is a major stretch goal for next year. But you guys know me and how much I like my stretch goals! They keep me motivated anyway. And I’m going to try to stop spending so much on take out in 2022!

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2 thoughts on “Is a $3M 2022 Possible?”

  1. Wow, you are crushing it!

    Too bad inflation is 6.8% so that 200k you want annually is now really $213.6k annually :/

    I would expect bonds to go down in value if the government has to raise interest rates to lower inflation. I think TIPS bonds which are government backed may be a good investment at this time especially compared to traditional bonds. Traditional bonds are yielding much less than inflation over the last year and that seems expected to continue with high levels of inflation.

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