I Need a Career Change.

There are a handful of things I like about my career:

  1. It pays well.
  2. It pays well.
  3. It pays well.
  4. Oh, and sometimes I get to learn new things and talk to people who are interesting who are not in my field.

I really need a career change. I have no idea if other careers would be better, but I’m done with his soul sucking, mind numbing, logic-lacking field. I am overwhelmingly sad about failing to have any sort of direction in my life, ever. What if? What if? What if?

The question now is — is is too late? People say it’s never too late. Well, surely it isn’t, if money isn’t any issue. And if you have the type of brain that absorbs information vs gets distracted every second. Like mine.

I’m trying to learn math now. It’s very hard for me. I’m taking the classes on Brilliant.org. I don’t know where it will lead me, but it seems any job where logic is respected requires advanced math knowledge. I don’t see getting a formal education in anything making sense. That requires references. Hah. Asking people to recommend me. No. Not going to happen. But I have a dream to take the GRE and get a perfect score in math. I just want to be good at math. I don’t know if I can be. I find it fascinating. Compound interest is sexy, you know? So. Maybe there’s something to that. Or not.

I have no patience. So I’m not a good employee. I’m a visionary sort of, but a lazy one. Maybe I could figure out math which would lead to something else analytics related. If my mind could calm down for one damn second long enough to grasp concepts and build on them (ok that would take longer than one damn second but you know.)


I am tired. I am really depressed. I’m over everything. I don’t want to go back to work. I dread it. I am excited to hold my breath and try to earn the remainder of my stock. But I need a plan. A direction. Something. I like to solve problems. That I know. Am I good at solving problems? Well, no. But I enjoy it when I do. So. Now what?

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3 thoughts on “I Need a Career Change.”

  1. As an annoying optimist, I have faith in your math skills!

    Mostly because I used to suck at math too but I got better with time and a competition I had with my husband. Cliff Notes Version: I got angry at his math skills, so I kept doing occasional math equations until I got better. It took years. I swear this is a happy story! ?
    Budget Life List recently posted..I Came. I Saw. I’m Still Decluttering.

  2. I know a lot of people would think you’ve got it made, a two good salary family, a nice net worth. But you sense the instability of it all, of your life in particular. I’m sorry for that, I was very lucky, or too dense to ever see that in my life. But you do. You are very smart, with tremendous self awareness, I’m betting on you. I know someone so successful, by outward measures, being vulnerable about their pain and fear is cathartic to many of your readers. I hope you take some comfort from the fact you are helping others.

  3. I am in the same predicament and trying to navigate the next move. My role is one where I also know needs more technical experience anywhere else. So, I signed up for Google’s certificate courses that just became available on coursera.


    I know I won’t make as much entry level, so hustling my savings to bridge the gap until I can gain the experience and salary I would once again like to be at. Best to you!

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