2021 Networth Goals

This year will be challenging, especially when it comes to keeping my job through Jan 1. My goals below are listed here to inspire me to get through the hard days and work to what is a realistic networth breakdown at the end of 2021. I will change jobs in 2022, possibly change fields entirely. But this year, I need to hit these goals. Do you think we can do it? Including total family goals. It’s only 9 months…

  • Retirement: $614,629 ($521.5k now)
  • Taxable Investment: $822.5k ($804.5k now)
  • Emergency Fund: $60k ($60k now)
  • IVF Fund: $65k ($65k now)
  • 2 Yr old 529: $196k ($91.6k now)
  • 0 Yr old 529: $151k ($41.3k now)
  • -3 Yr old 529: $63.7k ($63.7k now)

Total 9 Mo Gains (*not including home value and equity) = $326k

I’ll be tracking to this over the coming months. By the end of 2021, I want us to have $2M total in investments and cash, not counting our home mortgage or equity.

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2 thoughts on “2021 Networth Goals”

  1. How did you come up with your numbers for the 529s? I have to admit they look very high to me, given the compounding over the next 16+ years.

    1. I’m super funding this year if possible so I can set and forget. If any end up left over we can pass to grandkids or at worst my kids can take 18 yrs of tax free growth out with income tax at their rate and a 10% penalty. I may not do full 150k super funding this year. Deciding. I like having college set though so I don’t have to worry about it with future savings. I can’t do any more in retirement this year so it’s at least tax advantaged. I also. hope for 3rd kid and if it is growing fast early can split more with kid 3.

      It may still be too high, I’m figuring it out.

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