Serious Career Transition. It’s Time. Almost Time.

I had a heart-to-heart with myself this week. Self: it’s not them, it’s you. You hate your career. You hate your career because for the past 15 years your job has been to promote what someone else has built, instead of building it yourself. Plus, you suck at promoting. You like to come up with ideas and build them or manage the building of them (more managing the building of them.)

I want to wake up most every morning and be excited about MAKING each day. I want to work alongside people who are builders. I get along with these people better. Generalization, but I’ve found I enjoy spending time with engineers. Why? I like logic. People on the business side of the house are not so logical, even if they think they are. Business side is all about making the impossible possible. That drains you. You are under resourced and expected to deliver nonetheless. There is no “finished.” Not that there is “finished” in most tech these days given everything is software with constant upgrades and bugs and whatever, but a least you can put something out that people use and probably feel some sense of completion and that you built something or were part of building something.

You know what’s not rewarding? Taking a product that someone else built and then making people feel something about your brand so they buy your product. I want to make the product. I want to fix the product. I want to make the product great. Period.

If I get fired, I’m going to dig into my savings and go to some sort of coding bootcamp and try it out. If I don’t get fired, then I have a little more time to learn something. I have no fucking patience so I’ve never managed to teach myself how to code beyond HTML. I think maybe if I start drinking a shit ton of coffee a day that will act as over-the-counter Adderall and I can learn something. I want to build a more accurate rent-vs-buy calculator than others online (although I’ve seen a few good ones but it’s not super easy to adjust all the variables) so that’s project #1 I think. An idea. But maybe I’ll do it. One never knows with me.

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One thought on “Serious Career Transition. It’s Time. Almost Time.”

  1. Honest conversations really are the best. I appreciate that you realize that you should be doing something else, anything else. Hope it works out.

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