April Networth Check-In: $575k

For a bit of a belated April networth checkin, I’m happy to report my networth is ticking upwards slowly, despite the stock market doing eh.

Given the larger gains of past months, it still feels flat, but at least it’s up. I started 2018 out with $544k in networth, and am now at $575.6k–so I’m up $31.6k of my $100k goal for the year, leaving $7.6k growth per month to hit that goal (or 5% growth for the rest of the year including saving additions and gains.)

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 8.32.48 AM

The plan is for about $40k-$50k of that to come from after-tax stock vesting before the end of the year. If I don’t keep my job until then for any reason, then I don’t think I will be hitting the $650k goal for the year. But, with that extra $50k, it should be doable for me to save $25k for the next nine months, even with my maternity leave.

My bonus, if I get one, doesn’t hit until 2019, so this year is completely relying on keeping my job, saving as much as possible, trying to be frugal around my maternity leave time since I’ll be losing income there (though all of the leave this year is semi paid at least, another post on that coming soon)… but, my #1 goal is to be gainfully employed come January 1 (in this role/company) as I should be able to get close to $650k for the year if I can do that–more, if the stock ticks up, and less if it doesn’t… but close, I hope. All I can think about is getting to $1,000,000 in networth within the next three years (before or slightly after the birth of kid #2 / age 37 or 38.) Eye on the prize.

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