March Networth: $573k

How did it get to be March 1 already? Oh, right, February was a short month. Amazing what a difference a few days make.

My networth in March was relatively flat – and down a little bit – but that was expected given I ended up having two weekend trips which cost more than planned (and were worth it, pre baby and the no-travel time of my life.) I wanted to be at about $576k by this month, so I’m down $3k. I’m supposed to be at $589k by April 1… which, unless stocks bolt up in the next few weeks, is highly unlikely.

Oh well, my networth goal this year seems a bit unreasonable, especially with baby on the way. Then again, I’ve hit my goals every year for the past 10 years, so why not do it again?

The one thing that might and can save my networth goal for 2018 is the vesting of my first year of RSUs, which, after tax, will be something like $30k-$50k. I just have to hold on to my job (and, hopefully perform well enough that people like me) to obtain that bonus. This way, even if I end up at $670k for the year ($94k from where I am now, or $10.4k per month) I can still hit that $700k goal with the stock bump, especially if it’s on the higher end (because, really, $10.4k per month is entirely unrealistic when I’m taking home about $7.5k after taxes.)

This is the first year I’m trying to save $150k in one year – so, again, it’s highly unlikely I will accomplish this. For all I know, I’ll be out of a job in a few months and back to the drawing board. But it’s a nice dream — to think, I could possibly close out the year with $700k in networth and my first child. That just puts me so much closer to my goal of $850k-$900k by the time I’m pregnant with child #2, and my ultimate goal of working part time after I hit $1M (age 38-40.) But, that $1M feels so unachievable, a whole $427,000 away.

I have no idea how this goals and my progress towards them will shake out once I have my child. They’ll probably slow down a bit – but I’m going to keep pushing until I get that $1M. I’ll still need to pay the rent and all, but with $1M I’ll have my own kind of financial freedom – the one where I don’t have to work every single year of my kid’s childhood. We’ll still have to leave this area to be able to afford life, but I think at that point it will be the right time to move and settle down in a family-friendly neighborhood in another state somewhere one can buy a house for $300k-$500k.

I can dream, can’t I?


Networth 2018
Month / Goal / Actual / Gap

  • Jan / $550k / $544k / -$6k
  • Feb / $563k / $573k / +$10k
  • Mar / $576k / $573k /  – $3k
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