Just Spent $500 on Prenatal Exercise Classes…

Well, since my childbirth is practically free, I’m splurging on exercise classes. Why? I’m gaining weight way too fast and it’s not going to be pretty in a few weeks.

While I got my weight down to 140 before my wedding (and was about 150 at my wedding two years ago), I since have been yo-yoing between 165 and 180. Right before I got pregnant I was around 168, then my first trimester I shot up… too much… too fast.

I’m now around 193. I’m proud to say this week I’ve remained flat weight wise. Before you start judging me about being pregnant and trying to not gain weight, know I’ve already gained 10 more pounds then I’m supposed to MY WHOLE PREGNANCY since I started out “obese.” Ugh, I hate that word. But, anyway, I talked to a doctor about it and he said it’s ok if I don’t gain anymore weight through the pregnancy, or only a little bit more. He also said losing weight would be fine, and the only weight-related risks to the fetus were if I was severely underweight (which I’m clearly not.)

It’s hard to find prenatal exercise classes – but I prefer these because I’m scared I’ll hurt myself in a regular exercise class. I probably could handle a more traditional exercise class like Zumba or something, but for now I’m sticking with the expensive private studio classes… two days a week of cardio plus one day of yoga. That still isn’t enough but at least it’s something. The women in these classes who are 38/39 weeks pregnant are definitely inspiring me to not sit on my ass, and I’m sure exercising the 20 weeks leading up to birth will help with the stamina required to pop out a baby.

It’s so hard for me to commit to exercising so this is a start. I know it will take a very long time and a lot of work to get anywhere near where I was two years ago, and it certainly won’t happen until after I have the kiddo… but maybe, with the right investment (in classes and myself) I can get there. I hope.

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