Investment Checkup : Loyal3 / FolioFirst : beating the S&P?

My investment portfolio is a hot mess. Now that it’s at $500k, I am taking the appropriate steps to better understand my investments and their success (or lack thereof) compared to investing ALL of my money into general index funds over the last 10 years.

Today, I’m diving into my FolioFirst account (which started out as a Loyal3 account.) I began investing in Loyal3 in 2014. I preferred Loyal3 to FolioFirst because there were NO FEES to invest in partial shares (FolioFirst charges $5 a month for unlimited batch trades.) This account is fairly simple and only has 4 years of accounting so it’s fairly easy to compare its performance to the S&P 500.

% S&P % Account L3/FF Contib L3/FF Sell Invest Total S&P total (vs) My Total
2017 20.49% 44.01% $8,968 $2,774 $26,861 $32,365 $38,684
2016 11.96% 5.67% $14,559 $0 $20,667 $23,139 $21,839
2015 1.38% 6.92% $5,404 $0 $6,109 $6,193 $6,531
2014 13.69% -1.99% $705 $0 $705 $802 $691


The good news is that my investments have, thus far, outperformed the S&P 500 by 60% (resulting in $13.4k in paper gains vs $8.1k.) However, the majority of that growth was in the last year. This isn’t a completely accurate analysis because I’m basing it on the value of the account as of 1/1 the following year, and the investments were put in throughout the year. It also includes automatic dividend reinvestments. However, it’s as close as I’m going to get (esp with Loyal3 and all my investment documentation disappearing.)

If you are better at math than I am, can you confirm I’m tracking this correctly? I’ll be working on my Vanguard, Sharebuilder and Robinhood investments this week as well and then doing a massive analysis to really understand how my investments have performed in the decade since I began investing in the stock market (followed by an analysis of how much my net worth would be today had  I put that money into a house at various times throughout those 10 years.)

FolioFirst Portfolio (Today) Consists Of:

  • AAPL (16.1)
  • AMZN (7.3)
  • AXP (12.2)
  • BABA (12)
  • BRK.B (4)
  • FB (39.7)
  • GOOGL (4.16)
  • INTC (14.23)
  • KO (28.85)
  • MCD (9.25)
  • MSFT (4.49)
  • NFLX (4.96)
  • PEP (7)
  • TDOC (42.01)
  • TSLA (7.39)
  • UL (35.01)
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