Breakdown of $17k “Shopping” Spend in Last 12 Months

One of my major financial goals for 2018, other than keeping my job (and kicking ass at it to score at least 75% of my bonus), I want to reduce spending in a few particular budget categories — namely, shopping and food.

This post is dedicated to the former. 

Over the last 12 months, I have spent $17k on shopping.

The breakdown:

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 9.26.51 PM

  • Shopping: $5649.56
  • Hobbies: $4694.72
  • Clothing: $3958.36
  • Makeup/Beauty: $1940.74
  • Books: $342.56
  • Electronics: $206.56
  • Sporting Goods: $205.39
  • Wedding?: $69

Some of these costs will come down dramatically in 2018. The
“shopping /unknown” bucket is mostly random Amazon purchases of things for the house or who knows what. Some of this is clothing that hasn’t been categorized properly. Regardless, it’s too much to spend on random things I can’t remember!

Hobbies were a big expense this year because I broke my expensive camera during my Japan trip and bought a used one to replace it for $1800. I also, randomly, decided to buy a digital piano this year. That was one of those Amazon purchases I probably wouldn’t have made if there was no Amazon. But I’ve always wanted to learn how to play piano, so…

I shouldn’t spend that much on clothing this year. I do need to buy some maternity clothes and then “getting back to my regular size” clothes, so that might add up. I’m going to try to set a realistic budget and stick to it. No need to spend a fortune on clothes I will wear for 3-6 months!

Makeup/Beauty… I invested in a lot of hair products this year and went a little crazy at Sephora. I won’t do that next year, unless I run out of something I am actually using.

One concerning trend is that I clearly have an Amazon problem. Amazon reminded me of this by highlighting how I’ve saved 500 trips to the store thanks to Amazon Prime. Um. Actually, I saved like 5 trips to the store and bought 495 (mostly tiny) things I don’t need: 

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 9.25.17 PM

Ok, so if I can lay off the Amazon impulse buys and stop buying random expensive hobby equipment, I may be ok in 2018.

Oh, but I’m having a baby. Shoot.

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