2016 Was a Pretty Good Year (Really)

Ok, so Carrie Fischer died (as did her mother a day later) and Trump was elected to be the POTUS for the next four years, and I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown unrelated to the aforementioned issues – but it’s important to stop and be thankful for all the good 2016 has brought my way. Here’s a list, in no particular order:

  • I got married. Yes, the girl who thought she would never convince a man to marry her for eternity found a guy who is as awkward and hilarious and hilariously awkward as she is, and after 10 years of dating they tied the knot. We tied the knot. I survived my crazy and overly dramatic wedding. We spent our entire mini-moon sick as dogs. However, being married is great. It’s not perfect and it’s no silver bullet to happiness, but it does provide some much-needed stability in my life, especially when everything else feels so chaotic. Nothing warms my heart more than a hug from my husband or watching him admire himself in the mirror in his new (old) outfit as he loses weight with such determination and consistency. I have a husband. I’d say that is a pretty big accomplishment for 2016.
  • I decided I’m going to (try to) get pregnant in 2017. Ok, so this wasn’t a 2016 accomplishment, but I finally feel really to start trying. I’ll be 34 in 2017 (holy shit balls) so it’s time.  I went to the infertility doctor and found out that my pituitary gland is out of wake and thus I am not ovulating but I do have follicles on my ovaries which is a good thing. It means I can probably get pregnant with a little or a lot of help. We’ll see. Being married and having a husband who has been with me through the thick and thin of my mental illness means so much. He is my rock and I can’t wait to have children with him. Life is so short, and it is really time for that next phase. I could not do this alone (literally and figuratively) but with him by my side I know we’ll figure things out.
  • I held a job for the entire year. It may not last much longer, but I could have been let go sooner or just crumbled completely, and I haven’t. I could do better, of course, and I’m sad it’s probably not going to last far into 2017 – but in 2016 I made a really good salary (I’ll probably have the highest W2 this year that I’ll see for a while as I look to take on a lower paid and less stressful job to focus on family, de-stressing, and other aspects of my life.) But making it a full year means something  – as an expensive employee you don’t get to just stay on in an organization if you’re wasting a lot of resources. Clearly I at least earned my keep this year. I know I should give myself some credit for that, even though I’m so down about my job and my career.
  • I achieved my goal of $400k networth. Ok, so my goal was actually $450k which was rather unreasonable in a year with a wedding and such. I closed out 2015 at $355k and will likely finish 2016 at a bit over $400k. Even though I probably won’t hit my major phase I objective of $500k before I give birth, getting to $400k is a significant accomplishment. Heck, in 42 years at 4% growth YoY… when I’m 75… I’ll have $2M if I don’t touch that at all.  It’s still not enough to retire on (since I want $2M minimum by 60) but I’m getting there slowly but surely.
  • I managed to see my family quite a bit this year… probably too much 🙂 Living on the opposite coast of my parents and most of my relatives is tough. I don’t really get along with my parents so I don’t have a great deal of incentive to see them often outside of wanting to see my sister and feeling like there isn’t enough time left on this earth with them around so I should see them (well, my dad has a terminal illness so with him it’s true and my mom isn’t getting any younger.) Even though they drive me batshit I don’t want to regret not having a relationship with them in my adult years. My mother and I got into a big fight at / after my wedding and we both are reeling from it, but we’re good at compartmentalizing our emotions so we’re able to still be friendly to each other enough to not start any new fights when we see each other. However, I haven’t called her as much this year as I used to… I’m definitely growing apart from my parents, but that’s a good thing in my 30s.
  • I didn’t move. My husband and I decided to stay in our apartment for another year when our lease came up in May and we had the option to leave, renew for 6 months or for a year. I had wanted to move closer to my job but moving right before my wedding was an obvious horrible idea. The 6 month lease was tempting but I didn’t want to move after the wedding either, so we signed the year lease. Our apartment isn’t fancy and it’s super expensive just because of where we live, but I love my bathtub and my in-unit washer and dryer and my pool that I used a few times this year and just the general feel of my street how – even though it’s filled with 2-3 story apartment complexes, winds around and has these tall trees that just make the section of the otherwise not-so attractive street look beautiful on any sort of day.
  • I went to a Las Vegas pool party. I’m not sure this is an accomplishment I should be listing, but it somehow stands out as a highlight of 2016. It was just absolutely hilarious. While I did drink too much (and paid $100 for four drinks, yikes) I was able to observe the entire experience anthropologically and be ok with the fact that I’ll never be a party girl – I missed those years and I’m fine with it. And then my friend walked into the pool with her purse and her phone in it, and later drunkenly attempted to save it with a bag of dry rice that ended up all over our hotel room. Yes, we left a good tip.
  • I threw out a bunch of stuff. I still have too much crap and being the daughter of hoarders it’s really really really hard to throw things out, but I’m starting to learn how to simplify and at least keep things organized. STARTING for sure, and it’s a major goal in 2017, but I’m really getting attracted to the idea of having only things that bring me joy and not much else.
  • I lost 35 pounds. (And then I gained it all back.) Ok, so this was kind of a break even one… I lost 35 pounds (from 175 to 140) for my wedding and even one $1000 in an online diet bet for doing so. However, after the wedding due to the depression and such I gained it all back.. I’m now at 175 again. So this isn’t REALLY an accomplishment BUT I did show myself that I could do it. The hard part was the exercise because I hate exercising. My personal trainer helped a lot but that was super expensive even though I found someone rather cheap (3x a week for $50 per session) so I can’t sustain that. I need to learn how to motivate myself to work out on my own. It is really hard when I weight this much especially. I’m going on a strict diet for 3 months to try to drop down to 160 in the beginning of 2017 and then I will start my exercise plan again.
  • I survived! Well, there are a few days left here so I should knock on wood on this one. But I’m still here. I’m 33. I’m breathing. I’m relatively healthy. I have a roof over my head and an emergency fund and the ability to survive a bit longer as long as I’m not hit by a bus.
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