This Week’s Stock & Fund Trades

Sharebuilder “Gold” Taxable Account

SELL AAPL — 25 shares @ $505.91 per share ($12640.80)
Based on recommendation from a reader, I decided to further diversify my portfolio. While I believe in the long-term growth of Apple, it doesn’t hurt to make it’s position in my portfolio smaller compared to other more stable dividend stocks. I still have about 25 shares, down from my all-time high of 100. Of course, a few days later the stock is up to $525. Oh well, less capital gains tax for me to pay.

BUY KO — 38.8 shares  @$38.66 per share ($1500)
BUY MCD — 15.65 shares @$95.84 per share ($1500)
BUY IBM — 5.58 shares @$179.19 per share ($1000)
BUY JNJ — 5.44 shares @$500 per share ($500)
BUY PG — 12.7 shares @$78.66 per share ($1000)
BUY FTR — 110.25 shares @$4.54 per share ($500)

Diversifying my former APPL funds into other dividend-paying stocks. I already own most of these, though two are really new purchases. FTR has been driving me nuts as a spinoff of Verizon from a year or two ago, sitting in my portfolio with a percent of a share. It didn’t make sense to sell it for $8 since I’d be selling it for more than it’s worth, so I decided to buy $500 worth and see how it goes. It pays good dividends and seems rather flat in terms of growth. Worst case I sell it this year for a loss and it offsets my AAPL gains. IBM is another new one, which seems like a good buy. It’s another strong tech stock. I didn’t want to go all tech, so I’m entering slow on IBM. I have an auto investment set up for next tuesday for the remaining $6000 left from the AAPL sell, with the same stocks above, though I might tweak.

IRAs & 401ks

Rolled over my old John Hancock 401k to Vanguard and right now that $25k is floating in space somewhere. I did a direct transfer but given all the tax law with 401ks I’m worried it will get lost somehow. They say it takes 2-3 weeks to show up so I’m hoping it does! I’ll write a post about the funds I put the 401k money into when it does show up.

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