Moving in With the Boyfriend: Part 932592

Today, I decided to stop being quite so stingy. I agreed to split rent with my boyfriend based on our income. If we spend 13% of our current income, he would pay around $850 and I would pay up to $1350. That means our maximum monthly rent is $2200, not $1700 like I was originally aiming for when I wanted to do a 50/50 split. That also makes this search process slightly less painful.

I’d still prefer to spend less than $1200 a month in rent, and I’m ok with paying that much while he covers $850. It’s fair given our different income levels and either I need to be ok with paying more for our lives and deal or I need to seriously consider getting a new boyfriend. As I love him and want to marry him, I’m going with the first option.

Still, at $2100-$2200 per month, it’s slim pickings around these here parts. We’ve seen over 40 apartments and nothing is to our liking. I think to get something we really like we’d have to pay over $2600 for a one bedroom, and while I could theoretically afford to pay that much based on my income, I refuse to spend $2600 per month on a one bedroom out of principle.

I’m stressing out about actually finding a place… I need to be out of my apartment by April 1 at the latest and I really would love a few days of crossover to make the move less of a nightmare. I’m out of town March 5-15 and start my new job on the 17, so you can imagine that I don’t have a lot of time past this weekend to find my next home. (I guess despite being an overly anxious person in this case the stress is justified, right?)

God, am I stressed or am I stressed?




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One thought on “Moving in With the Boyfriend: Part 932592”

  1. Good luck with your move! It does sound like a very tight squeeze and I think you should also consider having your boyfriend continue to check out apartments and decide on a place even when you are out on that work trip. My theory is that if you love him and want to marry him and are willing to continue making up for the difference in your incomes, you should also be comfortable with his judgement in choice of apartment. Otherwise, it will be really stressful when you get back from your work trip and have to get an apartment in 2 weeks. There will be larger decisions that you two will have to make together if you decide to get married.

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