Investment Portfolio Update

Exciting to see my investing portfolio growing. Of course this is all paper money right now, but I’m starting to get a handle on where everything is invested. Below, I’ve sorted my accounts into taxable IRAs & 401ks (blues), Roth IRAs (greens), and taxable accounts (reds). What’s most exciting is that by next month, as long as the stock market cooperates, my investment portfolio¬†should reach $250,000 (I’m only about $500 short now.)

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2 thoughts on “Investment Portfolio Update”

  1. Is there a reason why you are so ..”diversified” into so many funds? I see conservative age fund, aggressive age fund… I wonder what your MER cost is for your portfolio and if you couldn’t just replicate it yourself buying lower MER funds.

    Plus with almost $100K in money market is that your “cash” equivalent fund? It seems unusually high as a ratio to your net worth.

    1. Not sure where you’re seeing $100k money market – (my current portfolio is here: I only have about $7000 in cash right now and that will be less in the next few months.

      I’m probably over diversified but basically I have each account split into a number of funds. My goal is to have most of my IRA/401k money in Vanguard as I change jobs, keeping a small amount of index funds going in there. Then my sharebuilder accounts are my dividend accounts for taxable and where I put things like metal ETFs and REITs for any tax-advantaged accounts.

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