February Budget Plan

I need to stick VERY close to this budget in February. I’m maxing out my 401k as fast as possible in 2014, which means I won’t actually see a portion of my paycheck until the end of February, and I won’t see a full paycheck until March 15.

Auto & Transport: $300 (*includes $200 registration)
Bills & Utilities: $100
Entertainment: $500 (two weekend trips)
Fees & Charges: $100 (*includes $85 credit card fee)
Food & Dining: $400
Health & Fitness: $350 (*3 therapy sessions)
Home: $650
Personal Care: $70
Shopping: $200
Travel: $150
$2820 BUDGET
( $3740.34 Remaining cash for February – since I’m maxing out my 401k this month)

March 1 = $650 in bank account for rent; March 15 my paycheck will start appearing in my bank account again.

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