Choices Before My Eyes

I genuinely planned to stay at my current job for at least four years, so it has been challenging to push myself into considering other opportunities. Another one has practically fallen onto my plate that might be too good to pass up. I’m torn!

So there are positives and negatives to the opportunity. What’s becoming increasingly clear, however, is that my current role – despite how great it has been for my career – is at the end of its growth value. This doesn’t mean I need to jump today, but I can’t hold myself back should the right position come up.

Maybe it has. I am hesitant to leave without a sizable raise if not a title jump, so I’m seeing what can be done. I’m nervous as all hell. Did I mention I hate negotiation? I am really excited about the company and opportunity. I’m chopping at the bits to get to work, and wish that all this pain of negotiation didn’t have to lie between me and getting down to business.

I’m most excited by the feeling that I can really kick ass at this gig. Like really, really kick some major ass. Whatever they agree to pay me, trust me, I’ll be worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Choices Before My Eyes”

  1. How much salary are they offering in comparison to your current $120k? I agree that you need to take the job regardless since you seem to be on the outs at your current job and you don’t want to eventually get laid off. What’s your current title? What do you want your title to be?

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