Challenging Two Weeks (Notice)

I realized in my career to date only once have I given a two weeks notice. It was my first full-time job, I was there for a year and recruited for another position that paid about $20k more (which was a lot considering I was making $30k and barely breaking even.) But it felt ok to put in my two weeks notice then because there were a lot of people doing the same job and my leaving wouldn’t have a major effect on the company. They’d just hire another me.

Going forward I’ve been fortunate enough to either work in consulting positions or to, after years of service, get laid off. Well, lay offs aren’t fortunate, but they at least make transitions clean and quiet. This time around, alternately, it’s quite uncomfortable. Not to be self absorbed but my leaving is a bigger deal now than it was at my first job when I walked away from a very junior level position. My leaving sends a message, even if it’s not the one that I want to send.

The truth is threefold: I lost opportunity to grow in my current position, I found a new opportunity where growth was at least more likely, and I am really best at working for very small companies. As my new boss said in our interview process – there are builders and there are fixers, who are you? I’m definitely a builder. I get inspired by working overtime to make the impossible happen. I like solving problems when the problems are still small and the victories still possible and meaningful. That’s what motivates me. There are definitely great fixers in this world and maybe one day I’ll find a fixer role that’s suited for me, but I’m better at early growth for now. I’m hats-off excited to get back to an early stage company.

That doesn’t change how hard it is to leave. I’ve only told my boss so far, I’m unclear who at my company knows right now but he’s supposedly announcing to my team today. I know this is going to hit them like a rock, though I can’t imagine they didn’t see it coming. It makes me incredibly sad. But at some point one must do what is right for their own career. It doesn’t hurt matters that I will be getting a $25k raise, and that my base now will be about what I was making after bonus at my current gig, maybe a little more. I’ve been underpaid and theoretically my stock options made up for the lower pay but that’s a risky game that rarely pans out. We’ll see if I lose or make money on the options I early exercised. I still have hope that the company can have a positive outcome. There’s a lot of good there. It was just time for me to move on.

I’m not looking forward to the next two weeks of goodbyes.

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  1. It’s so hard! Good luck with the next two weeks. It was kind of cool (and sad in a way) for me to see how sad my coworkers were that I left. It made me feel like they would miss me and that was kind of cool.

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