What $1300 Rent Buys You In…

As many of you know, I currently live in a 3br/2ba apartment where my chunk of the rent is $650. I’d like to move into a place with my boyfriend where I can maintain the same rent, but around here that’s quite challenging. For fun, I decided to research what $1300 a month gets you in different parts of the country. And cried a little.

San Mateo, CA (Bay Area)

expensive rent in san mateo

400 sq ft “studio apartment” cottage
1 small walk-in closet
PG&E included
private entrance
stainless steal range, fridge, sink, no oven

Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

850 sq ft
2br 1 ba condo
modern kitchen
washer/dryer in unit
private front yard

Santa Fe, New Mexico

1200 square feet, freestanding house
1br, 2ba w/ study
high-end finishes
washer/dryer in unit
large walk-in closet
private landscaped yard

Boise, Idaho

2205 sq ft
4br, 3ba plus bonus room
luxurious master bathroom
cathedral ceilings & gas fireplace

Pittsburgh, PA

1400 square feet
3br townhouse
holy shit this kitchen…

What does $1300 a month rent where you live?

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9 thoughts on “What $1300 Rent Buys You In…”

  1. Where I live (in a small city in Northern Ontario), $1300 can get you anywhere from a basic 2-3 bedroom apartment in the “nice” area of town, or a whole freaking house in the “not-so-nice” area. But I should mention, the rental market here is horrible, and landlords (slumlords) all over charge because there is no availability. If they were priced more accuratly, these places wouldn’t go for more than $1000… it’s not a great situation for us renters…

  2. $1,300 a month in rent would get you a nice apartment here. Or you could just buy a house here ans save money – my mortgage (plus fees, taxes, insurance), is around $960.

  3. A studio or 1 bedroom in Auckland. A not very nice one.

    Your Santa Fe listing .. why or why would you have more bathrooms than bedrooms?!

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