Time for a New Chapter? It’s Time that Tells

As an E/INFP I rely a lot on intuition, feeling and perception. This means that instead of analyzing a lot of data to make decisions I wait until a decision feels right. An opportunity crossed my path recently and while it terrifies me (in terms of responsibility) it just feels right. Really right.

I’m nervous about making a change. It’s easier to change jobs if it’s a big company which will live or die just as well with or without you. Harder when you know your parting will hurt, and when you’re very loyal to a company. But at some point one has to do what is best for their career. I wasn’t really ready to make the move now, but maybe I need to stop being scared and go with what feels right.

It may work out that I move to another town and also start a new job in that own within then the next four months. I am really itching for starting the next chapter of my life. I need a clean slate. New apartment. New job? Well, my next chapter is probably marriage + kids so this one better be good. I’m ready. More ready than I thought I was.

Move at the pace of guidance is perhaps the best advice my therapist has given me to date. Earning her keep. Also, my good friend is pushing me to leave my job because he believes I can do better. This would be big. This is working for some serious heavyweights in tech. This is a great opportunity. I should go for it. Right?

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8 thoughts on “Time for a New Chapter? It’s Time that Tells”

  1. >>you know your parting will hurt…
    I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t overestimate my importance. Everyone.. Everyone is replaceable. You already recently wrote how a colleague with less experience (or was it less time?) was promoted and you weren’t. That should tell you enough.

    I was once give a very useful piece of advice: “Don’t fall in love with a company, it will never love you back.” Do you think they would hesitate to dismiss you (layoff etc), if they thought it was right for their interests?

    It also means I should never hold myself back from doing what I need to do.

    1. I know I’m replaceable. I agree everyone is. But what will hurt is that at this time my company isn’t rehiring for people who leave. I know they would cut me in a heartbeat if they had to, and there is no loyalty from a company (no matter how well they are doing.) It’s just that for my colleagues who I do care about, I know having the contributions that I (or anyone in my role) offer right now is valuable and would be missed. It’s not about me personally, it’s about less people to do the same amount of work.

  2. If it feels right and is a smart career move, it really sounds like you should take the leap! Would you be moving to an area with a lower cost of living?

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