Moving Out… Sometime This Year

My roommate and I just had “the talk.” We’ve had a reasonably good run… I’ve lived here since 2009… but it’s about time to move on. We’re both in our 30s now, and both sharing the mindset that it’s time to have our own place. Gladly, we’ll part ways amicably and at a time convenient for both of us. That said, I’ll be the one who has to move, and she’ll stay in our rather nice, $2200 3br/2ba apartment with her girlfriend (who also lives here now) and I’ll have to deal with moving out.

That’s fine, though, because I am planning to move into a 1br with my boyfriend some time this year, maybe. As mentioned in my previous post, he finds out in May whether he got into graduate school. He applied to three programs, one that’s semi-local and two that are in other states. So a lot depends on how that goes. If he gets into the local program, we’ll probably find a small one bedroom up in the city to share. If he gets into the programs out of state and decides to go then I’ll look either for new roommates or, ideally, a studio of my own. If he happens to not get into any programs then we’ll probably look for a place around here or around wherever my job is at the time.

I’ve grown to really like this place, despite not liking my room, so it will be a bit sad to leave. It’s in a condo complex in a really beautiful neighborhood surrounded by a golf course and $1.5M – $2M houses. It’s also right next to the freeway which makes it convenient to get around the area. Three bedrooms end up not being that much more than two bedrooms to rent, and splitting it three ways really has made it affordable. That said, it sounds like for the time being she plans on renting the place out just with her salary and her girlfriend’s salary, though I’d imagine they might decide to look for a new roommate if the money gets tight. Regardless, we had the talk where she said she’d be more than open to paying for the entire place, and is fine if I want to move out.

And I do… I do want to move out, but I also want to save. I’m hoping to live here at least until the end of June and just try to save up as much as possible until then. By that time I should also know where I’m going to be working next and can make a good decision about my next apartment. Maybe by the end of 2014 I’ll be living with my boyfriend. That would be incredible. I hope it happens.




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3 thoughts on “Moving Out… Sometime This Year”

  1. I’m glad your roommate is flexible and you can move out at a good time for yourself! Nothing worse than having to move out but not having found the perfect other home. This is very exciting!!!

  2. Agreed. You’re lucky that you have open communication with your roommate. Too often people get the “Oh by the way I’m moving out next week. Good luck!” scenarios that leave you high and dry.

    I’m moving in with my boyfriend in 2 weeks, and while I was gunning for a small 1-bedroom place to save money, we ended up with a 3 bedroom townhouse. Haha. Thankfully it’s still cheaper than us both paying rent separately.

    Hope it all works out for you!

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