2014 Goals

The first year of my 30s? Yikes. Here are my goals for the year. Let’s see if I can make them happen.

1) End 2014 with a networth of $325k (up $75k / 23% from $250k in 2013)
2) Turn 31. Yes, I have a goal not to die this year. It’s a reasonable goal.
3) Move in with my boyfriend in a rental under $1600 a month.
4) Earn $120,000 for the year.
5) Spend less than $500 per month on average for food.
6) Max out my 401k by March 2014 and Roth IRA by April ($23k retirement savings)
7) Better understand my asset allocation in my portfolio!
8) Buy my parents a nice gift for the holidays.
9) Keep my car in good shape / no accidents.
10) To avoid shopping except for items I really need (and to keep track of all clothing/makeup purchases beyond just total receipt cost.)
11) Get Engaged…
12) Plan a wedding for 2015!!!

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