Considering Liposuction

Ok, before the personal finance sphere has a fiscal conniption, let me remind you that not all personal finance bloggers are frugalistas. At 30, I’ve saved up nearly $250k, and that’s with occasional bursts of poor or otherwise non-rational financial decision making.

I don’t usually spend a lot of money on things, except designer jeans. I bought my car used with cash, and while it’s nice enough it’s no BMW. I live with two roommates and spend $650 a month on rent when I could easily spend $1500 or more on a 1br, which most people my age making my salary ($110k) would. So I don’t really spend a lot all things considered.

When I look back on what I have spent on in my life, one of the biggest expenditures outside of my car and computer has been laser hair removal. With PCOS, my hairy beast-like nature was hurting my quality of life. It was really bad. I shaved constantly and always had dark, five o’clock shadows everywhere. The hair made a total mess in my bathroom. It was just gross. So I splurged on $5000 for unlimited laser hair removal. Eventually (recently) the place sold and I no longer have unlimited sessions, but I definitely got my monies worth. My life has improved significantly. I still have some hairs here and there, but nothing like what I had in the past. My relationship is better. Everything is better. Best $5000 I’ve ever spent.

So that got me thinking – why not invest more in myself and things that will make me happy? Even if it is cosmetic and superficial. One area of my body that has always bugged me is my stomach. I grew up with a major body image disorder because genetically I have a gut. Now I’m not the healthiest but even when I was thin as a kid I had a bulging belly. And my parents constantly talked about my stomach. I felt so ugly and fat.

That alone is not a reason to get liposuction. But there is a reason the procedure is so popular. I didn’t think I’d ever get to this point, but I went to a consultation today at a local high-regarded clinic. The price for liposuction of the abs and flanks (where the doctor said she could get the best results) would be a whopping $8000.  Yikes. Well, compared to the $5k for laser hair removal it really isn’t that much as it is actual surgery.

What, am I crazy – what am I thinking having an ELECTIVE surgery where I COULD DIE?

It isn’t that risky. It’s more likely to be extremely painful for weeks after the surgery than death-inducing. Still, it’s serious business. I will have holes cut into me, fat sucked out, and body fluids leaking from my body. Gross. Worse yet, if I gain weight after, it will all come back. $8k down the drain.

But if there’s anything in the world that could make me happy (other than being able to eat a box of oreos dipped in milk every night and not gain a pound) it would be having a flat(er) stomach. To be able to wear pencil skirts without my gut bulging out. Without little kids with no filter asking me if I’m pregnant. Yes, it’s that bad. I want to be able to wear a sexy wedding dress that doesn’t have a giant poof over my stomach.

If I am to go through with this, I need to do a lot more research and comparison shopping. The $8k doctor had a lot of great reviews on Yelp but also uses general anesthesia, which I’ve read is more dangerous and causes more pain afterwards. She said that it’s too difficult to get a good result with the patient being awake. Need to get more thoughts on that from respected doctors.

I also want to focus on working out and getting healthy before undergoing the knife. It doesn’t make sense to get liposuction before weightloss. It really should be used to help contour areas that aren’t responding to diet and exercise. While I’m 165lbs now, I know when I was 120 I still had a belly and bulges on my sides. So that would be what to treat. I’d like to get to 140 before having any sort of surgery. And I don’t want to gain it back. I’d have to really commit to a lifestyle change.

Have you had liposuction or know anyone who has had it? Was it worth it?

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2 thoughts on “Considering Liposuction”

  1. I
    have a friend who did it back home (Midwest).
    She only paid $3500 but that was 6 years ago. Like you, she said it was the best money she
    ever spent because it gave her a fresh start.
    It was such a boost to her self esteem that she hasn’t gained the weight
    back. I’ll admit that I’ve considered
    it, but I am only 20 lbs overweight and don’t have the specific gut problem you’re
    describing. I’m pretty happy with my
    body when I’m at my ideal weight. I
    would consider it if I were you. I think
    it would really help you mentally and you can obviously afford it. What good is having all that money if you don’t
    use some of it to improve your quality of life? Why are you even working so hard then?

  2. The only thing that concerns me is that you could die.

    Otherwise, why not? If it makes you feel better and look better, and you have the money, I’d go for it.

    What I would recommend not getting is the gastric bypass operation.. I know 2 people who did it, and unless you’re disciplined to stay on a healthy eating track afterwards and count calories, it does jack squat.

    At least the results in this stuff will be immediate.

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