A Plan for my 30s. Sort of.


 Year Age Income? Networth Plan Location
 2013 29 $100k  $250k  Save as much as possible. Read a lot. Teach self all of math.  Silicon Valley
 2014 30 $100k  $275k  Save like crazy and ace the GRE. Apply to CMU. Maybe other programs?  Silicon Valley
 2015 31 $0k  $225k  12 Month HCI Masters Program at CMU 2014-2015? If I can get in.  Pittsburgh
 2016 32 $80k  $250k  Get a job as a user-interaction designer or product manager. Get married. TBD
 2017 33 $80k  $275k  Have a kid. (Oy!) But work my ass off at the same time. Somehow. TBD
 2018 34 $100k  $300k  get a better/ more senior product manager job TBD
 2019 35 $100k  $350k  stay in better / more senior product manager job  Silicon Valley
 2019 36 $80k  $375k  Have kid #2. Work PT consulting.  Silicon Valley
 2019 37 $80k  $400k  Build consulting business. Attempt to be good mother.  Silicon Valley
 2019 38 $120k  $450k  Go back to FT work. Try to land senior product role  Silicon Valley
 2019 39 $120k  $500k  FT in senior product role  Silicon Valley
 2019 40 $150k  $550k  Promoted or find new job as VP of Product  Silicon Valley


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One thought on “A Plan for my 30s. Sort of.”

  1. Looks good to me. Better to have a plan than to not have one at all and to wonder whether you feel like you’re on track or not. Even if you fail or miss any of them (doubt it), it will give you some satisfaction to do benchmarking at each year.

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