May 1 Networth Report: $222.5k (+4.24%)

Excited to see my networth finally start growing this year. My stocks have been lagging due to being overweight Apple but overall in the last two years I think I’m still ahead of the general market. Need to do some calculations to check. I should at least be at break even. The question is whether I should sell part of my 102 shares of Apple now or not…

$27,500 remaining to save (or $3437 per month.)


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2 thoughts on “May 1 Networth Report: $222.5k (+4.24%)”

  1. That’s a great looking chart Ms. Joy (^_^) especially in the recent months. If you were a company I’d totally buy your stocks 😀 You can hold AAPL for now if you don’t have any major financial plans or investing strategies. The dividend you’re getting is better than a 10 year treasury. But if you feel strongly about investing in something else in particular, then maybe sell a portion of your AAPL shares and diversify your portfolio.

    1. Thanks. I agree I should hold on to AAPL. Unfortunately it’s in my taxable account because I purchased it when it was a growth stock, not a dividend stock. Ah, I guess dividends are ok in taxable accounts too. I have stock and ETFs in a lot of other things. I need to buy a car at some point so that would be the only thing I’d sell a portion of AAPL for.

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