Interviews are good practice for Interviews

I went on my first interview in nearly three years the other day. I wasn’t nervous at first, but as I approached the office door panic came over me. What would I say? How would I answer questions about my experience? What would they think of me?

I wasn’t that nervous as I’m only about 1% considering leaving my current position even if I were offered the position, so that gave me a little edge. But I’m glad that I did go to interview because my interviewing skills definitely need some work. I’d give myself a B on the two interviews – but I definitely have to formulate better answers to the why I’m not managing anyone questions. I’m in trouble when it comes to jobs at an equal level of my current position since I haven’t really built a team. All the while I was answering questions about this honestly, I thought how in the future when I have to interview again, I’ll probably have to lie to get a job. I hate that. I think people do it more than they’d like to admit, though. I’d rather be honest. But being honest makes me less valuable than not.

I’d really like to stay in my current position and actually become a good manager. It’s unlikely I’ll have anyone report directly to me until 2014 or 2015. On one hand this is ok because I don’t have time to be a good manager, on the other hand not having the experience is going to really hurt in the long run. While my colleague who has a small team under him will go on to VP-level positions, I’ll be questioned for roles that even have “manager” in the title.

It may be that my best move is leaving my current company and starting from scratch. Even if I start at the level of “not a manager” I bet I could move up to management much more quickly with a clean slate then where I am now. Or, maybe I shouldn’t rush it. So what if my career isn’t speeding ahead at full throttle? I already figure in the next few years I’ll take some time off to have kids, it might be pointless to try to be a manager ever. I’ve written about this before but I’m not management material. I’m better suited to be a consultant. I like to solve problems and provide solutions. I can tell someone how to manage but I’m not the best on the execution.

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2 thoughts on “Interviews are good practice for Interviews”

  1. I can execute, I just don't like babying people or having to hold their hands, and plead with them to get things done.

    I'd be an awesome manager if people knew their work.

    ….that said, I'm way better off as a consultant 😛

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