February 1-10 Spending Update

I spent too much so far this month, but due to some upcoming work travel and a lot of remaining food in the fridge, that should balance out. I planned to not save much this month outside of my 401k investment (50% of income) so I have about $2500 to work with after that. I’ll be going back to a frugal life to make up for the lost cash this month in March and April, in order to save for a May car purchase. Post on that plan coming soon.


Home: $657
– Rent
Shopping: $141
– lipstick set
– perfume full size
Cooking Supplies: $212
– slow cooker
– food scale
Bills & Utilities: $212
– passport replacement
Fees & Charges: $147
– annual credit card fee
– checking account fee
Health: $80
– drug store stuff
Travel: $432
– 5 night roadtrip w s/o – hotel only
Entertainment: $134
– 2 tickets to comedy show
Food & Dining: $376
– groceries ($284)
– restaurants ($92)
Gifts: $25
– med for sick s/o

The unexpected expense was the $432 in travel, which I decided to splurge on for the experience. We’ll be staying in relatively cheap yet not disgusting hotels on our trip. We’ll be going for a 5 day, 5 night trip and s/o will be providing coverage for all food and entertainment on the trip.

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6 thoughts on “February 1-10 Spending Update”

    1. It’s $14 a month from Bank of America. They added it last year and I’m waiting to use up the last of my checks with them before moving everything over to ING. The CC is $85/year.

    1. $14/mo on BoA account. I’m closing that soon. Credit Card – it’s an airline mileage program and I have to pay a lot of work expenses so I might as well get miles for them – saving up for my honeymoon!

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