Hello 2013.

For better or worse, I closed out 2012 with $200k in savings and investments. I realized the $50k savings a year strategy works against me when I over achieve my target and start to have a subliminal excuse to spend money that I shouldn’t be spending.

But I’m still pretty amazed that I see $200k in my networth IQ stats to begin with. Given that I’m not the most responsible spender, saving $50k in one year is no easy feat. Most of it was thanks to the growth of my Apple stock, and the overall turnaround of the markets. Also, I effectively earned about $110k last year with all of my bonuses and mid-year raise, so it really shouldn’t be that hard to save $50k. But I like to shop, and eat out, so it’s still rather hard.

This year is the big year. In 2013:

  • I turn 30. (AH!!!)
  • I celebrate my 7th (!!!) anniversary with my boyfriend.
  •  I (probably) get engaged?
  • I move in with my boyfriend?
  • I plan a wedding in 2014 (yikes)
  • I support a young company’s extreme growth year (excitement + stress)
  • I contemplate trying to have children in 2016
  • I exit 2013 with $250,000 in networth!!!
  • (and I hope my boyfriend gets his first FT job and lets me introduce him to the concept of retirement savings)
As you can see, this is a BIG year for me. It makes me quite nervous, given it’s importance as my last year to get my act together before I enter my 30s and all of the other craziness that goes along with growing up. Hanging out with my good (married and one year younger than me friend who is pregnant) friend last night, I joked that the conception of her child was the end of our own childhoods. She was the one to hold off-the-wall parties back in the day, and her gathering last night was much more tame. It really is time to grow up. I know 18/21 is supposed to be adulthood, but I’m finally feeling this transition at 29. And I might be having an early mid life crisis.
Still, I’d like to focus on $50k+ in networth increase this year. I’m concerned stocks will drop what I currently have below $200k, which will require further saving. I also need to buy a new car – and questioning if I should wait until 2014 or buy it now. I’m really tired of my beater (the squeaking is embarrassing, as is the missing front of the car.) But I’d rather have more money in the bank and an old car then a new car and failing to miss my targets in 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Hello 2013.”

  1. Geez, I think you should just buy a new car. It doesn't have to be expensive, but the way you describe yours it sounds embarrassing. It may even prevent you from succeeding in the business world since appearances are important.

  2. Happy upcoming 30th! 30 was a big milestone for me. I was pretty sad for the couple days before, and thought wow, my life is literally half over.

    And then I thought, wow, my life is just beginning.

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