June Networth Update: $174.5k (-0.78%)

It’s been a rough networth month for many of us, as the stock market, which was doing so well earlier this year, has decided to take a turn in the other direction. In May, my portfolio took a hit, as I managed to spend a bit of money on a few weddings (gifts, dress, shoes, etc.) I’m honestly surprised I ended the month just .78% down.

Assets: $181.628 (.43%)
Cash: $11,870 (124.56%)
Stocks: $113,634 (-2.33%)
Retirement: $52,735 (-3.56%)
Future Kids College Fund: $3389 (-1.77%)
Debts: -$7,087

Networth: $174,541 (-$1367, -0.78%)

In order to hit my goal of $200k this year, I need my account to increase $3637 in June, or 2.08% of my current networth.

$3637 Gain Goal in June? Here’s how…
$1125: 401k auto investment
$1500: savings
$942: growth on investment (.5%)

Of course, if my stocks don’t play nice, this could be an unfortunate month. But, the good news is, I amĀ eligibleĀ for a bonus again this July (and again in September) which could help offset some of the losses from wonky markets.

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