Some Thoughts on Day Two of The Financial Blogger Conference

I’m exhausted. In a good way. My head is spinning with ideas, fears, and inspiration. There are a thousand posts that will come out of the conversations I’ve had today, so I won’t try to squeeze them all into this one.

Six years ago, I started HerEveryCentCounts( because I was ashamed of the money I did have, embarrassed about the money I spent, and terrified of the money I didn’t have. This blog was never designed to make money — if I wanted to make a living off this blog, I’d do a lot of things differently. It was merely a place to talk, to vent, about money-related matters. I didn’t know if anyone would care to read it, and while I was hoping for a few readers, I wasn’t expecting a thousand.

Today, my blog hasn’t changed, but my income has. The risk has. Although this blog is “anonymous” the details are not — facts are facts, and sometimes what I write could get me into a bit of trouble. So why do I still blog? Does anyone really read this blog? Do I entertain or help anyone by detailing how stupid I was to get a DUI, or still drive my car that has a big dent, or splurge at the mall some days when I’m feeling depressed and out of control? I’m not so sure.

When it comes down to it, unlike many PF bloggers, I write for myself. If you read it — if you enjoy it — great! But this blog is my way of keeping my financial life on track. I’ve saved $150k by 27 because of this blog. And, knock on wood, I’ll have $250k in the bank by the time I’m 30 because of this blog. I guess that’s how I monetize… I hold myself accountable, I save more than I spend, and that’s worth more that a few hundred bucks in affiliate ads.

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One thought on “Some Thoughts on Day Two of The Financial Blogger Conference”

  1. I enjoyed your day two recap- it's short, concise and really honest. It was great hanging out. Hope to see you next and sooner than that in the blogosphere.

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