Excited / Nervous about the Personal Finance Blogger Conference

If you haven’t guessed by the million times I’ve mentioned this on my blog, I suffer from a bit of social anxiety. Despite being a marketing director by day and putting on a confident, extroverted front, I tend to freak out a bit when I’m around strangers. Well, I hide in the corner, I have trouble approaching people, and I am just all around awkward.

I’ve been looking forward to the Personal Finance Bloggers Conference in Chicago for almost a year now, because some of the smartest bloggers in the world write about personal finance. Not only am I a fan, I’m also — clearly — a blogger myself, though I can’t say my commentary is all that intelligent or enlightening compared to the other writers in the space.

The concerning part is that I haven’t “come out” as this identity before. I write a lot of personal information here, some that I’m ashamed of and some that I just wouldn’t want to share with friends or people who know me in real life. At the conference, I’ll wonder how many people have even seen my blog (it’s really not that popular) and I’ll question in every conversation if I should disclose my real identity vs this identity. I enjoy having this as an anonymous place to discuss when I do really stupid things with money, and really smart things with money. I’m sure there are a lot of people who I upset with what I write here because it’s 100% honest. So I’m not sure what to expect at this conference. I’d be ok going as myself not attached to this blog, but this blog is why I’m going. I’ve been writing about personal finance and related matters, on and off, for many years now. I just hope that the people I run into at the conference are nice and welcoming, and I hope I have a good time overall. It sure costs too much for the flight, hotel, and time off work not to.

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5 thoughts on “Excited / Nervous about the Personal Finance Blogger Conference”

  1. From all of the PF blogs I read, I'm sure that everyone will be extremely welcoming!! I love what you write because you do write about the stupid things you do and you are some "holier than thou" preachy blogger. You're real and go through many things that the rest of us twenty-something women do. Just be yourself and remember that everyone has the same insecurities inside!

  2. I understand being nervous – I'm super excited about the conference, but I'm also scared to death! I'll be hyperventilating in a corner somewhere if you'd like to join me.

    While it would help to have a name to call you, don't feel pressured to unmask if you don't want to; most of us will be better known by our blog titles anyway. 🙂

  3. I understand how you feel, but I'm sure you are going to find how inviting everyone will be. Come by and introduce yourself. I'll be in the Prosper booth and we are sponsoring coffee and danish on Saturday morning.


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