Want vs. Need vs. Reality.

Glistening in the sun, the blue glass vase called to me from across the park. Want. I walked towards it, the gold crackle on top of it speaking to me as I approached. And then, reality. The price tag. $850. And, so, I looked at this beautiful vase for a few minutes, smiled, and moved on.

I’d love to one day own a house where I could collect beautiful art pieces. But will that day ever come? And should I really want that? It seems a waste to buy $850 vases made out of glass. At what point in life – and income – can you purchase $5k paintings for your living room, and $1k sculptures to bring out the color in the painting?

At this point, all I can think about is saving. Besides food, where I spent a ridiculous amount of money, I’ve become extremely frugal. I finally got my car air conditioning fixed after 3 years of having no air conditioning. The car is still a visual wreck, but it runs. My clothes are starting to fall apart, but I’ve avoided the mall because I don’t like to spend money anymore. Well, I like to spend a lot of money. Not a little bit of money.

I want to figure out a way to reach my dream of being able to have a house that I decorate in a very personal style with art that I carefully curate. It seems the life I want to live requires a luck of the draw. Or, perhaps, I should be like the many women who only date men who hold six figure careers. I’ve completely failed in that department, so it’s all up to me to achieve my dreams. I just don’t think it’s possible. It is, in a way, as in my current company is doing well and there’s a chance I’ll walk away with a decent chunk of change if I can manage to hold my own for the years to come. Is that the ticket to this dream? What would that dream even be in reality?

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One thought on “Want vs. Need vs. Reality.”

  1. I think it's hard to define when the right point in income or savings is reached to allow you to "splurge" as a regular habit or process (like decorating). One one side, as long as you're not going into debt it might be okay, but on the strict side you might say you'd want to be financially independent and only use excess money for the splurging. Neither is right for me or realistic for my situation, but I wouldn't be able to tell you when exactly I'd feel comfortable or right buying my equivalent of a $850 vase.

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