Roomate is Moving, I am Getting Rid of Stuff…

I can’t remember if I ever wrote a post to follow up on when I told you all how I have had to move. I wasn’t looking forward to moving at all… as much as I dream of living in a room that can fit a television and a desk, I am rather fond of my current setup. After looking at a few other options, I was even less excited about having to move.

So I was thrilled when my current roommate J. realized that her girlfriend R. could just move in to the extra room here, and we could all live together. Now, normally I wouldn’t want to live with a couple — lesbian or straight — because that can equate to drama, but I feel pretty confident about this situation. My roommate is very stable (she’s a middle school history teacher) and her girlfriend is hard working and, even without a college degree, earns more annually than my roommate’s public school salary. And they’ve been together for a while now and they’re very mellow.

So I get to stay in my current $635 a month rental, thank goodness. Watching my roommate move today, I am so thankful that I don’t have to worry about moving right now. But even though I don’t have to move, I want to pretend I’m moving and get rid of a lot of my stuff.

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you know that I’m on an anti-stuff mission. I’m trying to rid my life of stuff so I can enjoy what really matters, or at least start to figure that out. It feels good to throw crap out. I usually hate doing it because it seems wasteful — but throwing out bags of stuff (and donating what’s decent) just lifts a giant weight off my chest.

What else should I shed from my life? So may bad habits. This is a year of cleansing. Not in a hippie way. In a — I’m finally growing up way. I’m going to be 28 in 5 months (!) and I think I’m ready to grow up. It’s now or never. I can’t see myself having a family without learning how to do this on my own. I love feeling in control. I hope I can find a way to make that feeling maintainable.

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3 thoughts on “Roomate is Moving, I am Getting Rid of Stuff…”

  1. I also find getting rid of all the junk we've accumulated to be really refreshing. I also find that I'm less stressed long-term because there are fewer things to pick up, put away, or otherwise deal with and there's more space to deal with what you keep.

    1. Rent is no longer as cheap. I mean I was living in a 3br before and our collective rent was $2200ish – which WAS cheap for my area. Now my bf and I pay $2350 for a 850 square foot one bedroom. Doubt you’re still jealous! 🙂

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