I Need a Makeover. Stat.

Before you judge me and my piles of clothes on the floor and my “nothing to wear” conundrum, hear this — my wardrobe says more “college student who hasn’t slept” than “marketing director.” Every day, I wake up, look in my closet, and on my floor, and find there’s few items that reflect my position, and the rest of my life’s aesthetics aren’t supporting the cause (case in point, my busted car with Styrofoam instead of half a bumper.)

There have been times over the past few years when I went through this “makeover” shopping splurge, which usually lead to buying too much overpriced, dry clean only clothes at Banana Republic that don’t even look good on me and end up getting wrecked a few times after I wear them. The purchases I’ve made at Express, despite being more suited for “just out of college” than my professional status, at least last me. But that leaves me with a closet of “Editor” stretch pants in black and a few short sleeve, button down shirts in various cheap materials that still look young and unpolished. Hey, at least they’re machine washable.

But what’s a girl to do? When the interns dress better than you do, it’s a reality check. As more and more employees of the female species join our company, I’m quickly becoming the worst dressed. And I don’t want to be on that list. But I also don’t want to spend a fortune on outfits that will inevitably make it into the share pile quicker than you can say “how on earth did I gain five pounds?”

My closet, however, is just not cutting it. I’m tempted to do the Banana and/or Anne Klein splurge — find some clothes that manage to be trendy and hip enough for the startup culture, but formal enough to put me at the head of the figurative class. It’s a tough splurge to swallow, since I’m determine to LOOSE those five pounds, plus another 30, in the coming months.

Beyond clothes, i’m questioning my hair style (it’s now long, layered, but hard to manage) and just tinted with a “glaze” — somehow expensive highlights make people seem more put together and worth more. Marketing is 10% product and 90% sales. Sales is polish. And on that spectrum I’m always leaning towards scruff. Clean, but lacking in the shine that can take a girl places.

Tonight, I’m tempted to toss all my old clothes for good, and start from near scratch. But what will that cost me? Seems like such a waste of money, as I’m getting on with my Express clothes just fine, and the Banana clothes I do own are sitting in my dry clean only bag collecting dust.

How often do you buy new work clothes and where do you shop?

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8 thoughts on “I Need a Makeover. Stat.”

  1. Blergh. Definitely something I struggle with. I bought a few new things for my new job, but people here tend to be more fashionable than I. Also, the men dress more formally (business casual is SO HARD to pull off!) and my particular role, I think, dictates that I dress a little more conservatively than some of the other more magaziney types here. I think I'm coming to terms with the fact that I will have to do regular handwashes (no dryclean only items in my wardrobe yet, but certainly some delicate fabrics)

  2. You need to hit up JCrew. And then go for a blunt shoulder length bob with an undercut. You can flat iron it in the morning and go.

  3. My advice is to find a good consignment store that specializes in higher-end women's clothing, especially professional clothing. You'll be able to get high quality pieces for around what you would spend at places like Express. Prepare to spend some time there and bring a friend with you–not necessarily your most fashionable friend, but one who knows how to dress well and appropriately for work.

  4. My wardrobe is definitely not as professional as it should be. But it's really hard to find things that fit AND look good when you're over a size ###

  5. hello i need someones help !!!
    Im 20 years old and ive just recently had a baby and i find it hard to dress like a proper woman and not like a teenager that i feel . help !!!!
    liddy2k7dee@hotmail.co.uk email me if you can help

  6. Loft. And find some coupons. Maybe check the fabric before you buy? And only buy items that you know will stand up to your washing routine? Also, check out some fashion blogs. They offer so much inspiration!

  7. A couple of notes:
    -Ann Taylor is having a huge sale. Go in the store and ask a sales associate what she things will look good on you.
    -Charlie's Soap (you can order it online). I wash everything in it including cashmere. It will cut down your dry cleaning bills.
    -Highlights. Ask for a mini foil – 3 foils near your face. Looks polished, without the $$$

    I could pull together a business wardrobe watching sales for $400 a year. However, I really work sales.

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