April Budget Update

April was a pretty good month in the budget department. Despite a few last-minute splurges (what can I say, Spanx are expensive!) I managed to put about $2977 into savings / investments over the month.

What is really helping is the extra income that I’ll see this year due to some sales I made early in 2011. While I don’t get bonuses, commissions are a nice cushion for when I accidentally overspend in a month.

$694: Shopping (breakdown below)
$632: Rent
$336: Food
$185: Personal Care
$151: Bills
$75: Health & Fitness
$12: Fees

Ok… so besides gas costing more than I’d like (auto & transport) my big spending this month was “Shopping.” What exactly did that include. Well, the spanx, and …

Bloomingdales — $372.49
BCBG Dress on Sale $70 (from $200)
Spanx & Undies: ~$150
Eyeshadow, bracelet, earrings: $151

Website Stuff — $130
Domains & Hosting

Personal Finance Blogger Conference — $90
Early bird discount, though I haven’t bought flight or hotel yet!

Those were my larger purchases under “shopping” in April. The Bloomingdales splurge occurred at a conference when I had a cocktail party to go to and nothing to wear. Other than that, I was good! I just hate when I spend $400 on (not even) one outfit — esp when the dress itself is a good price on sale.

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