On TV: Extreme Couponing = Extreme Ridiculous

Did I ever mention my extreme hatred of coupons? Sure, if I happen to have/find a coupon for something I was already planning to buy, I’ll use it, but too many people waste countless hours on couponing. This sad addiction is the subject of TLC’s latest “why people are sad” series called Extreme Couponing.

This video speaks for itself. The man and women in the video took a day off of work to use coupons that they paid $70 for(!) when they could have been earning income for the day’s work and not buying as much crap. 150 Butterfingers — who needs 150 Butterfingers? Obviously these folks have a big problem with poor eating habits, and the coupon situation just helps them be unhealthy. In any case, after this preview, I honestly can’t bare to watch any more of this show  (it makes me want to punch my monitor) but I’d love to hear from you if you saw any of the episodes… does it get any better? Does anyone do couponing right?

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5 thoughts on “On TV: Extreme Couponing = Extreme Ridiculous”

  1. that amount of candy bars was ridiculous! and how many boxes of pasta did they get? One thing I didn't notice was any produce in any of those carts… I agree with you that this particular extreme couponing segment seems to promote unhealthy eating habits.

    I'd liek to see their bills with some apples
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  2. Actually that's awesome! She is totally organized and entrepreneurial, figured it all out herself. She probably feels GRRREEATTT when she gets home. My wife and I get a cart every week, so her 9 carts should last over 2 months, that's a good time savings. She could probably get a good job with her organizational and planning skills. Looks like her husband took the day off too 🙂 I think she's going to notice eventually, but if you take 150 free butterfingers and they don't last you like half a year, you're going to get fat.

    But really, why doesn't she take all the candy in the store, since it's free, and then sell them on the street for 50 cents? Probably $500 or $1000 or more in value right there — more than enough to pay her back for a day off work probably. Wonder how often that happens that you can get free stuff by combining a sale and a coupon.
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  3. Yeah, I saw this on another blog and commented on it there, too. It really bothers me that these two extremely overweight people are buying carts full of candy bars, sports drinks, ketchup, cookies, and other junk. Did they actually buy any real food with this money they saved … ?
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  4. I saw part of this…it's almost like they are addicts (the woman who got heart palpiations at the register, taking time off work and putting aside other activities to do it, etc.). The rush of couponing and watching the register seems far more important to them than enjoying the actual products (kind of like people who get sucked into ebay auctions and are addicted to winning, and don't care what they're winning). There's no way they are actually going to use all the products before they go bad, anyway. Hopefully they can donate some of that stuff, or they can score a couple hundred candy bars right before Halloween to hand out.

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