I’m Going to the Personal Finance Blogger Conference!

Since 2006, I’ve been following the personal finance blogger space. I started blogging in 2007 after reading a post on An English Major’s Money (which she sadly stopped writing) on HerEveryCentCounts.Blogspot.com. (And now I’m going to the first-ever Financial Blogger Conference! But more on that in a bit…)

Over the years, I’ve written on and off, and followed the financial tales of bloggers like Fabulously Broke in the City, Give Me Back My Five Bucks, My Open Wallet, Lazy Man and Money, and dozens of others (sorry it’s hard to name everyone I’ve been reading… if you want to know if I’ve been reading your blog, check if you’re on my Personal Finance Reader.) It’s quite exciting to know that many of them will be attending the conference. It really is a small family of bloggers that write in this space, and I can’t wait to meet them!

I always thought it would be extremely cool to get all of the personal finance bloggers together in one city, one building, to meet, mingle, and share our love for PF. Basically, to geek out about blogging and personal finance in a way that most of us can’t do with our close friends.

That day has come! Personal finance bloggers of the world will convene in Chicago this fall for the first-ever Personal Finance Blogger Conference. And, being the impulsive person I am, I bought an early bird ticket about 5 minutes after learning about the conference, not thinking about how much the flight from CA to Chicago will cost… but regardless, it’s totally going to be worth it!

The only thing I’m concerned about is “coming out” at the conference… it’s a lot easier to be completely honest here when no one (ok, only a few people) know who I am in real life. I can write things that get comments from anonymous folks that call themselves “ridiculous” in response to my hiring bias for top-tier schools and excitement over being upgraded on a recent business trip and flying first class (two comments I received this week.) But once people know who I am, will I be able to blog this openly? Well, apparently I’m more excited about meeting other personal finance bloggers than protecting my anonymity.

Will I see you in Chicago?

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10 thoughts on “I’m Going to the Personal Finance Blogger Conference!”

    1. sorry about that… will have to see if i can figure out why that was wonky. What browser are you using? Oh, and thanks! I plan to make the weekend as frugal as possible. The conference ticket was $90 for early bird which isn't bad… I may be able to crash with friends, so that just leaves the plane ticket. Eh, I guess that will be $250+, but at least I will get mileage, and I am thinking of this as a class / training session in personal finance blogging. I think it's tax deductible too that way. šŸ™‚

  1. I was thinking of going, but I am already taking 2 trips out there this year (I've got family in the area) and I don't know if I can fork over another $300 dollars for a plane ticket. But I've got a few months to make that final decision! It does seem like it is going to be a wicked fun time!
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  2. Ahh, I just saw this! I'm so excited you'll be there! I'm going too! I still haven't figured out the hotel situation but I hope to have it sorted out soon. Have you purchased a plane ticket yet?

    1. Yeay! I'm excited you will be there too. I haven't purchased my ticket or hotel yet… eek. I am waiting to see how work is going closer to then to figure out if i can fly in a day early or not. I am also poss sharing a hotel room w/ krystalatwork but I owe her a follow up on that to confirm. And yes, we definitely will have to get drinks while we are there and chat personal finance and life stuff. I can't guarantee I will get as drunk as I was on the plane when I wrote that other entry šŸ™‚ but I promise to try to be good at conversation.

  3. I was looking to see if the PFBlogger Conference website had been updated lately and so I just typed on those words into my browser- and discovered your blog. I'm so excited you'll be there! I am going too but still have not figured out the hotel situation. Most likely will be staying at the hotel, but just need to reserve a room.

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