April Budget

After spending $6300 in March, I need to create and stick to a tight budget for April to balance out my spending last month. And, honestly, I’ll be so busy recovering from my 2 full body, 90-minute laser hair removal sessions that I won’t really have a lot of time to think about spending money. All for the best.

My April Budget
$633 Home
$250 Food
$200 Auto
$150 Bills
$150 Entertainment
$150 Personal Care
$100 Gifts
$100 Health
$100 Shopping
$50 Travel
$20 Fees
Total Spend: $1903
Income Expectation: $5210
Leftover: $3307 ($1500 in IRA, $1000 in Sharebuilder, $1000 liquid
I will be checking in weekly to make sure I’m on track to hit this goal

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