2011 Goals

Last year I made a list of goals. I’m going to ignore the fact that I probably didn’t accomplish most of them and start from scratch. I’ll check in monthly to report on my progress. This year is different because I am on ADHD meds so I can focus. Maybe this is all do-able.

  1. Have $150k – $170k in savings/investments by Dec 31, 2011.
  2. Read 1 book per month (12 books total) — 6 fiction, 6 non fiction?
  3. Teach myself math. 1 Subject per month. Algebra I (February), Algebra II (March), Geometry (April), Trig (May), Pre Calc (June), Calculus (July & August)
  4. After learning Math, take GMAT &/or GRE, depending on career enlightenment by summer (September)
  5. Lose 50lbs (now ~ 170lbs, want to be 120lbs. Mini goals 160lbs by March 1, 150lbs by May 1, 140lbs by August 1, 130 by Oct 1, 120 by Dec 2011.
  6. Go to “ADHD Support Group” twice a month
  7. Be a good friend and roommate. Friend-wise, invite 2 friends per month to do things (2 different times.) Roommate-wise, keep the house clean, offer to help doing things, random fun gifts for roommates
  8. Volunteer!!! Figure out a place to volunteer on a regular basis. Once a week(?) Maybe join mentoring program. Start this by March 1.
  9. Write a book with boyfriend. I have a really bad sci fi plotline written down and my bf likes the overall idea but says the details are ridiculous, but is willing to write with me and  maybe turn my ideas into a good book.
  10. Kick ass at work. I’m behind right now, but decided that first I need to get my life in order at home (today!) by cleaning my room, car, everything, and then I can focus on the kick ass at work thing. This is most important of all. I am going to be a marketing goddess. I have a lot of ideas, right now the important thing is to prioritize and get shit done. I want to feel like I’ve accomplished this goal by March 1, and then up the ante each month for the rest of the year.
  11. Be a good sister. Even though my sister is far away, I want to stay in touch w/ her and even send her some fun things on occasion. I want to make sure she knows I’m always here for her, not just the 2 times a year we see each other.
  12. Dedicate 1 weekend day a month to painting or drawing. 6 hours minimum.
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