Overfunding my Retirement Contributions?

This year I’ve done much better than in previous years, so I decided to get a jump on my retirement savings. I’m maxing out my 401k and my IRA. I still don’t know if I’ll qualify for the Roth IRA or not (depends on whether I keep my job through Oct, Nov & Dec) so right now I have a regular IRA and I’ll reclassify if needed at the end of the year.

What I’m most excited about is being able to max my 401k. My company doesn’t match but the good news is that I’m funding the 401k in preparation of a Roth conversion. Being 26, I have plenty of time to let the tax laws work their magic. Sure, $13k is not a huge amount of money, but that’s a good thing because I’ll still have to pay taxes on it when I convert. I plan to wait to the year I go to grad school to do all the conversions because surely I’ll be making very little money then, if any, and be in a low tax bracket.
Now if only my boyfriend would start saving for retirement, I’d worry a bit less about it.
I’m also a little concerned that I’ll never be able to afford a house, but oh well, at least at this rate I should be able to retire. Hopefully I’ll live that long.
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3 thoughts on “Overfunding my Retirement Contributions?”

  1. LOL at the previous comment. How about you just convince the boyfriend to start saving too? I worry about never being able to afford a house too. *sigh*

  2. Can't convince the boyfriend of anything. He doesn't want to start a Roth IRA. It's too bad because he's 28 and these are the best years to save!

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