Car Damage Pictures

The Damage:

The evil pipe that caused the damage:
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3 thoughts on “Car Damage Pictures”

  1. In the future I would get quotes immediately before even calling the insurance company.In the second picture I'm assuming it's the pipe that's shaped like a protruding L that caused all that damage?

  2. Yes, it was (or i think it was) the pipe that is sticking out that caused the damage. I should have gotten a quote first but I wasn't thinking. I just called the insurance company right away. Duh me. Maybe I should try to get a quote tomorrow before going to the insurance place…

  3. I bet you won't cut a turn that tight again, will ya? I did the same thing when I was 20 – And except for the broken window, I was left with exactly the same damage – Including a door that would no longer open. I felt like a total dumbass too. Since I rarely ever taxied anyone else around, I didn't bother fixing it. I sold the car to a college student several years later who was just looking for reliable transportation and didn't care about the damage to the passenger door. (there was actually a bidding war between two college students and I got way more for the car than I ever thought I would! I really thought I was going to end up donating it – yay for desperate college students! lol)

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