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Spent $450 at Ann Taylor yesterday after 4 hours trying on just about everything in the store. Why must every single top have some weird ruffle on it this season? Not only do they look ridiculous, in the rare cases they didn’t, I just thought what that poor ruffle would look like after being through the wash once or twice. Or even hand wash. I don’t like to do dry clean only for my tops.

Showed my boyfriend my $350 worth of Theory purchases and while he liked my sweater jacket thing, he disliked the dress (I don’t really like it either) so that’s going back to the store. $150 return. Cha ching. As for the Ann Taylor stuff, I got a grey pencil skirt that fit nice (but may wrinkle too much… why must things wrinkle?), a pair of size 12 petite black pants that are a little bit too big (the 10s looked like i was going clubbing the way they hugged my ass, so I opted for the larger size), a kind of pretty navy blue shirt with short sleeves, and a pair of patent leather shoes that don’t fit at all… they are going back to the store too. So my $450 trip will be a $300 trip and my $350 trip will be a $150 trip once I make all my returns.

I’m forcing my boyfriend to come shopping with me tonight. I don’t agree with his taste in everything, but he did help me go through some of my clothes in my closet last night, and we discovered that while I own a lot of “slutty” clothes as he likes to call them (I call them thin-strapped tank tops, not work appropriate) I don’t have much when it comes to work wear. I’m throwing something together for today that I’m not 100% happy with. Really, the most important thing I need to get are shoes. I own one pair of shoes that will work for today but they’re so worn out on the heal that they make me walk crooked. They were great while they lasted.

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2 thoughts on “Shopping Update”

  1. I love taking my BF shopping with me. He's actually the "shopper" out of both of us. I still maintain that I have ZERO sense of style. I like simple colors, nothing to razzle dazzle. But he knows just the right amount to make me feel comfortable and still look good. Although there was this one time when I literally was like, I'll never wear those!! EVER!

  2. Ruffles are the in thing now so until the new fashion comes out that is what you have to deal with. I also hate the sheer, crinkly type tops with all the glitter that are out right now.My honey used to go shopping with me as well because I hate shopping and he had better taste in what was appropriate for work. Left to my own devices I would simply buy three pairs of the same black pants and one button down shirt in every color available and make that my 'uniform'.

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