Off to My First Job Interview Since Being Laid Off

While I don’t like to put all of my eggs in one basket, and surely have some small freelance gigs and the unemployment to keep me going, this job is the first “real” gig that is more than just a hope, so I want to at least nail the interview. I’m tired and a little nervous. I’ll get more nervous when I get on the train and get to their corporate office in the city.

I’m not really nervous about the interview itself, just the chance that I say or do something embarrassing in the process of meeting with the four people. I’ve only been on one other serious interview before with more than one person, and that was for my last job. But that was for a 1099 contract role for 20 hours a week at the time, so it didn’t feel as huge, and it was also for a startup so it was very laid back as far as interviews go.

This, however, is going to be as corporate of an interview as the west coast gets. I’m putting on my skirt-suit that I purchased last week at Express, and likely straightening my hair soon, to look as polished as possible, while not losing myself in my clothes entirely. I’m wearing a fairly bright blue shirt, but it works with the grey suit, I hope. They’re not that corporate, it’s a smallish team of mostly engineers and a few business folks.

On top of everything, I recently found out that this job is a “W2 Contract” position which means I’d basically be in a temporary position without the benefits of full-time (no paid vacation, sick days, benefits) even though I’d be W2 so I wouldn’t have the flexibility of an independent contractor (have to work at the office 9-5:30 every week day.) It’s definitely better than being unemployed and for such a big, known company it would probably be worth it for a year or so at least — I can always take time off, I just won’t get paid for it. And if something better comes along with benefits, no one could really fault me for leaving. I think the whole W2 thing is designed so you can leave easier as well. I’m not really thinking about that much now, I’m more thinking about how I have to nail this interview. I’d at least like to have one job offer to consider and take in the next few weeks, and this is looking like the only real potential to fulfill that goal.

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6 thoughts on “Off to My First Job Interview Since Being Laid Off”

  1. Let us know how it goes. Also, I've noticed that the grey/blue combination works wonders in interviews. It's my go-to color scheme now whenever I have an interview. The second interview, I usually do a black and white combo, but that is a hit-or-miss…LOL. Anyways, it's more about the clothes, its about the skill and personality. Good luck.

  2. Lots of luck – at the very least, it's great interview experience if nothing else! Fingers crossed for you. (Oh, and grey and blue is one of my favourite combinations!)

  3. Well, good luck to your job interview. I think it will be much better than having nothing. You'll still have the time for some freelancing gigs, it must be a good start when you have this job.

  4. Good luck on your interview! Eventhough it is not an ideal situation I am glad to see that you are out there.

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