Donated $10 to Haiti, but It Isn’t Enough

After writing my last post, I realized that I could afford to donate (at least) $10 to the Haiti cause. So I grabbed my phone and texted “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross. I don’t feel “good” about it because it’s not enough, but I like knowing that this text message campaign has raised millions of dollars, and I’m a small part of it.

My last post about my not donating got some pretty passionate responses, one being from an anonymous reader upset by my thoughts. The reader didn’t completely get what I was saying (they thought I said you can only donate through a church, which is not what I was saying… I was just commenting on how the world is full of “missions” and people doing charity for their religion, if you don’t have religion or the constant reminder to give with the guilt that comes along with it, you have to find your own reason and motivation to donate or volunteer.) Also, looking overall at the animal kingdom, we are the only species that helps out fellow animals in need (that I know of) — we are built to do what’s needed to survive and to pass on the best to our offspring so our DNA can continue on into the future. So without “God” and with science only, we need empathy and compassion for humanity as a whole. That’s not a bad thing, but then you take on additional guilt — if your reason for helping is God / the church, where if you give a little God will reward you after death, and you think being a good person and helping others is good for you and secures you a one-way-ticket to heaven postmortem, it’s a little easier to do a small amount of volunteer work and feel good about it. When it’s solely about empathy for the pains of mankind, that empathy becomes overwhelming. The world is a sad and scary place.

Regardless, I donated $10 because it’s the least I can do. I’ve been very strict with my budget this month (with my aim to save $20k this year) so $10 won’t kill me. I know it’s not enough, I’m trying to figure out my budget for next month to see if it would be possible to give more.

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6 thoughts on “Donated $10 to Haiti, but It Isn’t Enough”

  1. good for you for finding some money to donate. But I still find fault with your thinking that you can't make a difference. You are in a good spot to encourage others, yet you used your blog to throw out some lame excuses as to why you don't donate. We don't have a lot to donate either, but we know that every little bit makes a difference, so we put it in our budget to donate each month. One month, I even challenged all my FB friends to chip in just $2 for St Jude's Hospital (one of my favorite charities), just to prove how fast the little amounts add up. Think about it – $2 is NOTHING to most Americans, yet when combined with others, CAN amount to a nice chunk of change. Let me give you an example of how big a difference one LITTLE thing can make…in 1987 American Airlines saved $40,000 by eliminating ONE olive in every first class salad for the year. Mull that one over and tell me you feel like you still can't make a difference? I dare you to take $10, or even just $5, out of your line for coffee/food/whatever each month and allocate it to charity. And then use your blog to encourage others to do the same. I promise if more people do just that, it will make a HUGE difference.

  2. Your blog name says it all. Every cent counts. Don't downplay your efforts. It was very admirable because, you could've thrown your hands up and done nothing. I give you a pat on the back from cyberspace. 😉

  3. Thank you! I also wrote about how all of our little $10 donations can add up, especially if we donate through an organization that matches donations. $10 seems small in the grand scheme of things but it's what we can afford, it's done from the heart and it WILL save lives. Like I've said, $10 is a bargain for a human life.

  4. I'm so glad you changed your mind and gave something. I made the same $10 donation, but know that they'll be a special offering at church this weekend. We can't all give a lot, but the important thing is the act of giving. I also appreciate that you were open to the feedback you received and changed your mind.

  5. I've been struggling with this as well. I donated money and I feel like it's not enough. I know what I gave is better than nothing… it's just as I see all the footage on TV of those poor people.. ugh, I feel selfish yet am finding it difficult to be selfless. I'm glad you donated though 🙂 Wether we recognize it or not, somehow I hope our contributions will make a small difference.

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