Are Certificate Programs Worth it?

My career counselor (who I’ve seen twice so far) wants me to take a class. She recommended an extension program based at a top University where I could take courses in business and marketing, and possibly complete the certificate program. The program is expensive and not something I want to invest in unless I’m sure I would complete it (I’ve been known to start things and not follow through, working on that as well.)

I could get a certificate in marketing or business administration, which would give me a solid pre-MBA education… more to see if I really want to pursue an MBA than help me obtain one (though it might help.) Each course is $600-$800 and then there are the text books. I realize graduate school is even more than that, but it’s hard to justify spending that amount of money for a certificate. Especially when I could just buy the textbooks and read them on my own, if I was able to combat depression & ADD and muster up some motivation.

Have any of you ever done a certificate program? How much did you spend on it and was it worth it?

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7 thoughts on “Are Certificate Programs Worth it?”

  1. I've looked into certificate programs, but I've decided to go for the whole caboodle (MBA). Depending on your field and specialty, a certificate might actually be better than a degree.But I want to hear more about the career counselor. I've been thinking about getting one because I feel particularly stuck in my job situation. Could I prod you to write a post about how you sought one out and what services they provide? If you've already written one, then just let me know and I'll go and dig it up myself.

  2. I think you need to be very careful about certificate programs. I started in a certificate program before my Master's program was started. I transferred all of my coursework to my master's program from the certificate. I think its better to go for the actual degree. But it seems that you are uncertain about going for the MBA so it may work for you. But, check to see if you can transfer the courses into your MBA program.

  3. I went through a two-year certification program that costed about $600-800 per class. However, my employer paid for it. Is that an option for you? It was worth it for me. I felt like I learned a lot, especially in terms of presentation and group projects (i.e. things not learned just by reading books). A classmate did use the program as a springboard into a MBA program, but I believe most students just wanted certification and to advance in their careers without getting the MBA.

  4. Getting an MBA is really essential if you want to make it in the entreprenuerial

    world. I am getting on getting an online MBA myself. Online education serves best

    for me since I'm also working.

  5. I am in this same situation right now. Ramapo College of New Jersey has what is called a “Business Essentials Certificate”. I have the same questions as her every cent count.

    First off I say if you are still in college, get these certificates while you are still getting Financial Aid. Only applies if you go to an In State School. With FAFSA you get up to 6 years of financial aid. Use that financial aid to spend on the four classes required for the Business Certificate, that way You are not paying $600 out of pocket for each class, the Government is.

    That’s what I was thinking of doing. All done with my degree. Im just using my FAFSA money to pay for the business certificate classes by saying to the school I haven’t graduated yet.

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